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Apple Fires An Engineer Reaction (And Channel News)

Apple dismissed one of their engineers because his daughter vlogged with an iPhone X hands on before it was released. My thoughts on the subject and also …

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  1. What apple did was stupid because everyone already knew what was coming out before the actual apple event,so y even fire this guy

  2. he can take what he knows to Samsung don't know if they really need what he knows but hey its worth a try seriously they need to give the guy his job back and forbid him to have phones early I don't know I think they went overboard here.

  3. I've bench watched your video for an hour now… Comedy gold. SUBBED

  4. Ohhhhh — T is for Taylor T. Taylorson. I like it!

  5. Android: Be together, not the same
    Apple: Be the same, not together

  6. Taylor getting ready to get that t- shirt..😁

  7. What Apple did was a dick move and took something good and twisted it into something nasty. Is Apple going to fire Steve Wozniak after his CNBC interview https://youtu.be/ObluB-AjB-s

    The Official iPhone X launch already occurred weeks ago, we've all seen real life images and some demo (including FaceID fail) and today all the news outlets got the iPhone X prior to the public release.

  8. Wait a minute… So, he was an Apple engineer… that means he has knowledge of Apple tech and secrets. I bet he's pissed at Apple for firing him. Ah… what's a guy with Apple secrets and holds a grudge against Apple to do….? What's the best way to get revenge on Apple when you have knowledge of their tech and plans and the samsung building is just around the corner?

  9. I've been using KineMaster for 2 years =)

  10. Your a very cool interesting guy Taylor. Like the vids .👍🏻… very honest and natural. And funny…….I happen to think the vid is fake …. publicity stunt maybe. .???The dock is curved too much if you look!. Keep up the brilliant vids. Your channel is growing and so it should 😎

  11. Huawei can use him after all

  12. Apple have decided to conduct a test for remembering the gestures and shortcuts on iphone x…those who will qualify …can order with their marksheet…

  13. Yo, where can I get me some Captain Picard hoodie!? Fukkin fly…

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  15. You’re too awesome for words, bro!! 😎👍🏽

  16. Hello Taylor, I think the news of the engineer being fired made more publicity and news than the iPhone X itself 😁

  17. You look like a Taylor… The kind that's is better than Swift. At least you got that going for ya. To bad I didn't meet more people like you when I lived in the US.

  18. How about butt id in 2030it will replace face id

  19. you also have to look at apple colluding w/ other tech companies on limiting salaries and competitiveness

  20. Everybody wants to rule the world. A song by 80s Brit pop group Tears for Fears was just starting at the end of your bar clip.

    Can't get more appropriate than that for this video. Lol.

  21. Haha Taylor is such a gay name. Jk I'm sorry

  22. What's so secret about iPhone x that's already been shown? Nothing, apple is fear mongering

  23. Can we call you : Irresponsible Captain Tylor from now on? If you haven't seen it, it's one of the best, and funniest animes.

  24. Like how you express yourself on iphone and other Samsung haha go dude go. Your subscriber from Greece

  25. nice to meet you taylor 😉

  26. Taylor I apologize for my previous intrusive question. I was goaded into it by 2 friends who also think you are a good looking man, lol. I recently found your vlog while looking for youtubers who also play around with drones and who love Samsung devices. (a friend gave me a drone 3 weeks ago)
    I have the Galaxy S8 in black and the S8 Plus in gold, both are the international exynos versions and I have rooted them. Are you part of the rooting community and if so do you have any fave custom ROMS etc? Also any tips for beginners in using drones which are hard as fuck to control? I think those two subjects are pretty good vlog ideas for you. A lot of us Trek nerds love to root and jailbreak our phones. Your vlogs always brighten my day thanks.

  27. Literally any other tech company can scoop him up. I don't think Apple should have fired him but that's what they do.

  28. Apple reminds me of the mask company from the movie Halloween lll – Season Of The Witch. The youngsters won't get that reference, which is probably for the best though….atrocious movie.

    "6 more days to iPhone X, iPhone X, iPhone X…..silver shamrock"

    I totally dated myself..

  29. I think dismissing the employee was excessive. That causes a lot of negative PR at the time of a product launch. Why not just give the guy a written warning, and a pay cut and move on?

  30. Hey Taylor how are you doing , Love your videos. You’re a very gorgeous, beautiful guy xx

  31. Hey Taylor.
    I only recently found your channel and I fuking love it.
    Your videos are awesome. I'm an Android lover so these vlogs are amazing.

    "Stay beaming!" 🖖🏻

  32. Please tell us whether you're a verse or bottom. Top here in Louisiana (wink wink)

  33. Can care less about anything apple.

  34. We have the exact same coffee mug I have ben using for 2 years kind of crazy great show.as always.

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