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Apple iPhone X: One Cool Thing

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  1. This video is disappointing. Some of the information your talking about is just plain out incorrect. I'm also wondering how a show talking about technology has a host that "doesn't know how to use snapchat". Guess that's why I won't be subscribing. You guys need a new host and better familiarity with the tech you're using. Sorry for the harsh comments, not trying to hurt feelings, just telling it how it is. Good luck in the future guys.

  2. You both should hit your head with a brick.

  3. Now everyone agrees iphone 6 to 8 design are hideous.. while many phones have bezel-less way before X

  4. The tall guy apparently has daddy issues…he is craving for his approval sooooo hard in terms of jokes….and the short guy is sweeetlyyyy brutal saying righttttttttttttt everytime the tall guy cracks a joke…so when he finally gets it at 23:27 he goes into complete fumble mode 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  5. Dude to the left: it don't work well with sunlight coming from behind you.

    Dude to the right: well you was just using the phone with a bright LED tv behind you and it works great 😲 he compare the sun to a TV 🤣🤣

  6. I’m sorry I had to stop after a few min.. these guys are terrible. Yes the screen is bigger but the useable space is not. Watching a standard 16:9 video on the x gives it a useable screen size of 5 inches. Bring up the keyboard and there is a software bezel.

  7. “1 Cool Thing”
    Makes a 30 minute review… K

  8. I counted 5 errors they made in the 1st 12 minutes. For example, don’t call it the power button 2 times and 1 min later call it the side button. It’s called the side button. The sunlight won’t scatter the ir.

  9. Short & Salty Lil Man. 😂

  10. Is the guy on the left sitting down? These guys have radio faces and bodies.

  11. That little guy is like woody Allen!

  12. These guys are like my 90 year old parents trying to explain the internet!

  13. Stop slamming the 1000’ dollar phone on the table! Good lord man

  14. these guys are very awkward together. The short guy is very controlling

  15. This shits a young mans game now.

  16. in norway its 1000 usd for the Iphone 8, 64gb lol.
    and 1350 usd for the iphone X, 64gb.

  17. these guy are annoying as all hell.

  18. What the point of the guy on the right? He doesn't really know what he is talking about and he keeps asking all of these stupid questions

  19. All the comments about how awkward they are. Lol. So true

  20. 12:02 It's a fucking iPhone X. if it were 10 they would say iPhone 10. I have an iPhone 7 Plus not an iPhone VII Plus. We're not still living in Roman times. It's like when People get upset when you pronounce Featherstonhaugh wrong. If they want to be called Fanshaw, then spell it Fanshaw not Featherstonhaugh. This is an iPhone X (EX) period.

  21. He wouldn't let him even hold the phone more than a minute if that!😂😂

  22. The guy with glasses on has like NO CHILL. All the jokes either flew over his head or he just ignored them. I really dislike these people that take themselves too seriously. Like. You’re reviewing a phone dude. Lighten the f up

  23. Seing these guys made me after one second think of Simon and Garfunkel 😬

  24. Why is he tossing that phone around like $1K dollars ain't shit?? Must be nice😐 I bought 5 cases and a gorilla glass screen protector for mine and I'll be damned if I toss it around like that.

  25. The guy on the left is one of the most punchable people I've seen anywhere. Obnoxious and self-absorbed.

  26. at least we know who Apple Pay to promote this phone

  27. Lol @ All these vain commentors. There is nothing wrong with this review, and these guys did quite well. In fact they were more informative than most big name Youtubers. Yet, they're getting all of this unjustifiable hate based on their appearance. Bullying was supposed to be dead, but evidently it isn't.

  28. Samsung better come back better then ever 2 beat this everyone's hyped about this

  29. Months to adjust an app resolution? I don't think so.

  30. Lil guy seems like he doesn't even wanna share the iPhone X. Like he's the only one qualified to use it. smh. Swear he knows everything about it but obviously don't know crap. He needs a different position. Not reviewer. Maybe he should operate the camera. Sorry dude.

  31. Should we really be listening to a guy that doesn't even know how to use Snapchat?!! And spent months using it and can't figure it out? Smh yea he in the wrong business.

  32. a lot of ass kissing apple from the left dude

  33. The infinity screen on the S8 looks much better.

  34. My sister has an LG G5 and tried out a Samsung 7 and it got blazing hot that she couldn't hold it. So she returned it. Does the Iphone X get hot? I have never noticed my iphones getting hot

  35. Just skip this Xperimental phone guys…

  36. Please give us a rundown of Smart Invert Colors, and how well it works as a poor mans dark mode on the OLED screen

  37. The chicken little looking guy is there to review and answer questions about the iPhone X but yet he’s obviously still lost and doesn’t obviously know how to use the phone yet 🙄🙄

  38. I’m a big guy, the guy on the left does not seem to be a big guy so i disagree with him thinking that phone is the perfect size.

  39. Was this their first time doing a video? It was so odd and amateur.

  40. Commentators are cringy and not camera guys at all. They have the personalities of a bunch of lab nerds (no offense, I'm one of them).

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