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Apple iPhone X review

Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech reviews the iPhone X and shares his first impressions. Full report at www.techguide.com.au.

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  1. what about the earbud there wireless right?

  2. so I'm an iPhone hater but this looks sexy af

  3. I also like that it doesn't go straight to the home screen. My Note 8 goes to the home screen while I'm looking at notifications because it recognizes my face. So I end up holding it at an angle to prevent it from recognizing my face while I'm looking at notifications. When I want to let it recognize my face, I hold it straight towards my face. But with the iPhone X I suppose it can see your face at any angle. Not so with the Note 8. I need to be looking straight at it.

  4. Apple pay sucks . Don't work in most places . 😧

  5. iPhone x Face ID Fail. It gets unlock with two different people.

  6. Who Flung The Samsung Dung …? iPhone10 did

  7. such groundbreaking features facial scanning bringing up siri by just calling that bitches name and having to press both power and volume to turn the phone off. clearly so much superior to any other phone out there.

  8. But what if you don't have a face, then what do you do.

  9. Probably the best phone on the market. but honestly, I can't I tried all day. but I love touch id so much

  10. That notch would irritate me to the point of insanity . Horrible design

  11. Why don't smartphones use voice recognition to switch off the phones? Seriously, all that hassle with pressing hard on the buttons, especially on this iPhone x which you have to press two buttons simultaneously. Not cool at all, seeing how far the technology has moved forward.

    Just a thought anyway.

  12. What a pleasant accent I enjoyed listening to it 😊

  13. I wanna get the space grey iPhone X, I have a red iPhone 7 currently, but I will probably get it in December or early 2018.

  14. Greetings from the philippines

  15. Did i win the apple iphone x give away?

  16. Hi Stephen,

    I hope I am asking the right person. Microsoft robbed us of $1800000 collectively. We purchased Surface Prof 4 and its having flickering issues. The problem is that Microsoft is not bothering to even reply to us. Please give this story some coverage. Here are the details on the official forum of Microsoft:

    Thanks a lot

  17. soooo, its a blackberry Iphone X

    once again, BB was ahead of its time.

  18. So if someone wants to grow their beard then cut it then grow it back, 👀 do they need two different face ID ?

  19. Every one go sub to calabasa IQ he's just made a video thats fire if u sub to him I'll sub to you

  20. how does a guy with 2600 subs come to an iphone x.

  21. I think you need to edit your breathing out, this is something other YouTubers do. I recommend doing that as it was a little irritating listening too. Also some of the information given was incorrect, I recommend typing out a quick list with the main things you’re going to talk about and research about each fact before making the video. 😉

  22. I am wondering why apple has only sent silver iphones for the hands on reviews…………

  23. I have a question I am blind and use voice-over when unlocking the iPhone X how would it work for someone who is blind and cannot see the padlock. Could you please do a review on the voice-over.

  24. You’ll need two hands to unlock the phone now, No thank you, getting iPhone 8

  25. Can you use the 3D Touch gesture from the left side of the screen to pull up the app switcher? 11.1 just added the feature back in but I don’t know if it works on the iPhone X…

  26. This review deserves a 4k resolution, seriously.

  27. cut your nails first, then do review videos man, come on.. im disgusted :/

  28. Two gestures to get to the home screen: Pick up to let camera identify you, then swipe up.
    As opposed to touching fingerprint scanner and get to home screen.
    Oh yeah, really more efficient.

  29. Does face id work at low light room?

  30. So tired of people who thinks the X has a "bigger" screen then 6/7/8 plus. Do you measure the size of your yard at home diagonally? No it´s the total area that counts. Dont get me wrong, the iPhone X is great, I´m sure. Im getting one myself. But watching videos on it will be a "smaller experience" then on my current 6 plus due to the width being narrower then my plus size phone.

  31. Thanks a lot sir..Ur photography is just awesomeeee..can u please share me the full size file for avoiding image blurring..

  32. Thanks a lot sir..Ur photography is just awesomeeee..can u please share me the full size file for avoiding image blurring..

  33. Thanks a lot sir..Ur photography is just awesomeeee..can u please share me the full size file for avoiding image blurring..

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