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Apple’s Folio Case for iPhone X – Are its smart features worth it? Review

Apple released a leather folio-style case for the iPhone X. It has dual pockets inside making it easy to carry a credit card and some cash. It is made out of a …

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  1. While i think it's a beautiful folio case, i don't like the way how you need to put in the creditcards. Personally i like to have the cards vertical and then a horizontal pouch for the money. But that's just a personal preference 🙂

  2. whoever want to buy a Apple's Folio Case for iPhone X https://goo.gl/JLZdYP

  3. I still gotta have my BookBook

  4. Seriously i dont wanna sound rude but man ur voice is depressing.. Im pretty sure if i measure my heart rate it would be something like 90 bpm before clicking to the video, 160 while watching it.

    Which dont get me wrong is a good cardio.

  5. "Whats really nice is because the hardwares built in to the phone, of being able to turn on and off automatically, thats something were going to see in other cases hitting the market after the iPhone X is released"

    Samsung has been making cases that unlock/lock the screen of their phones automatically for years.

  6. I️ have the taupe. Love it

  7. I really like this case 💀

  8. I bought one. It’s nice. I need something for my iPhone X.

  9. This is Andrew here? is iDB still posting videos??????????? nice to see you again. what about Jeff. is he with 9to5Mac?

  10. Can you talk on the phone with the folio closed ???

  11. It's awesome but a bit too expensive in my opinion

  12. 3 credit cards……Is how many he went through to get this phone.

  13. This guy sounds like chris from family guy

  14. How much leather do i need to make a leathercase. Apple "almost none!".

  15. I like the idea of having a credit card and ID there for places that don’t have Apple Pay.

  16. It’s strange Apple makes advances in technology and then offers things such as this case that takes away from those technologies.

    This case is boring, it doesn’t look GQ, Classy or Upscale. From this video it really appears like something from a $1 dollar store. When I am shopping for anything leather I want to see natural grains, small folds and even a insect bite in my leather; it’s called character. It’s obvious die used is even cheap. But, I bet Apple spent more money on this case packaging than the actual product. Apple is notorious putting more money into marketing than their offshoot products. Y’all do remember, Beats?

    I stayed up until 3am order my 10 (X) and hopefully Friday it’ll arrive. And, I’ll take it to my local farmers market leather artisan to fit it handsomely like nice custom-made boots.

    Spend extra cash and have tailored made gear that fits your style and needs. Mostly you’ll spend about the same amount of money if a little more.

  17. Nice review. Will this case work with wireless charging?

  18. Love the review but your over-enunciation was really frickin annoying

  19. Why use a card if you have Apple Pay? :/

  20. Need to see it with the phone and you using the camera / video options

  21. Might want to also take note of Apple’s instructions and insert the card with the magnetic strip facing away from the iPhone!

  22. My question is: After stacking those cards in there, does it come to a point where the magnet does not "reach" and become invalid??

  23. In my experience, nothing scratches screens like dust, sand and other stuff stuck in between the screen and lid on such a case. So I remain a sceptic…

  24. I like how your channel represents the leather goods (cases / sleeves / etc…) while other channels misses that. Keep up 👍👍👍

  25. You sound like Chris Griffin 😀 😀 😀

  26. Is this guy trolling us with his voice?

  27. This is apple’s competitor to the twelve South book book which is much cheaper

  28. Does the magnet hold the case closed? I know you talked about it being used to wake/sleep the phone… but does it help keep the case shut when placed on a table?

  29. Might wanna blur out your credit card numbers…

  30. Finally someone reviewed it.

  31. Folio is the lowest end cuz it offers credit card slot and looks like a 1990s invention. Here in 3017 we use Apple Pay and no cases.

  32. Oh hell no…way too bulky.

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