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AT&T Makes Commitment to Purchasing Renewable Energy

AT&T today said it has agreed to purchase wind power in order to help it reach renewable energy goals. AT&T will buy 220 megawatts of power from the Minco V Wind Farm in Oklahoma and 300 megawatts from the wind farm in Webb and Duval Counties in Texas. AT&T says the combined 520 megawatts is equivalent to taking 350,000 passengers cars off the road in terms of reducing its carbon footprint. AT&T’s goal is to “develop and leverage technology solutions that enable carbon savings 10 times the footprint of our operations by 2025.” In other words, it wants to go far beyond reducing its carbon footprint to zero. AT&T is also joining the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles group, which is made up by large energy buyers. AT&T has already taken a number of steps to reduce its carbon footprint, such as downsizing its fleet of corporate vehicles by some 1,800 cars and trucks. “As one of the world’s largest companies, we know how we source our energy is important,” said Scott Mair, President, AT&T Operations. “We will continue to explore renewable energy solutions to help create a better, more sustainable world.” T-Mobile recently committed to running all its operations on renewable energy by 2021.


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