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Backchannel’s Steven Levy Reviews The iPhone X | CNBC

Steven Levy, editor-in-chief of Backchannel, discusses his iPhone X review. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From ‘Wall Street’ …

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  1. “Bulky in my pocket “? 🤔📱, ok people will say anything to try and make you go spend your money 💰 if you don’t need it , it’s your money! Lol

  2. Why do they have the crusty old dude reviewing this phone

  3. Do some research. Yes it works in low light, it's infrared. No it won't work with a photo, it senses depth.

  4. I know more about the IPhone X than this Steven Levy fella.

  5. he said something that i said in my iphone x rant video , that means he watched it

  6. Talking heads are so clueless, truly.

  7. That girl dad she of never got fired all these iphone x videos on youtube and plus it was releasing days later small mistake from her daughter lead to a big problem

  8. did anyone else see the 221000 unread emails and 44 missed calls?

  9. Apple fanboy review. It's really sad that reviewers are still so biased. But whatever, people who want to do their research will do their research. I'm sure this won't be a bad phone.

  10. That dude has a few unchecked emails.

  11. Wow marginal improvements using tech developed by samsung justifies a 30% increase in price?

  12. You'd think they'd get someone who actually understands basic technology here.

  13. By iphone 20, apple will be dead company

  14. This guy looks like that was his very first time using a smartphone… why is he reviewing an iPhone X?

  15. I love the new iPhone X. I will certainly be buying one!

  16. What if u go through puberty, will it recognize ur face then?

  17. That glossy metal looks very tacky.

  18. Just to keep the iPhone and iPad relevant they’ll call the iPhone, Apple Phone and the iPad, Apple Pad lol

  19. He has 221000 unopened emails! 😲

  20. 150k subs 700 views ??? bots???

  21. Um I thought this was against policy

  22. First thing when I get my iPhone X.. "Face scan my weener and see if it works"

  23. iPhone finally gets oled about 5 years after android. Even cheap android phones uses oled now.

  24. this guy is an expert? the screen is not as big as the 8 plus. guy looks like a complete amateur. hes like the bernie sanders of reviewing technology

  25. Don't bother emailing Steven Levy.

  26. What features will justify an upgrade from iPhone X to iPhone XI next year?

  27. I still think the rational is crazy …. $1000+ for a phone . I bought a mac book pro at the Apple refurb for $1,2000. This laptop should last me 6+ years … the same can't be said for the phone X

    Companies have started to exploit our addiction to our phones (welcome the new crack cocaine)
    To test if you are an addict – try leaving your phone at home for just 1-2 days …if you start to fidget when out and about, you are an addict.

  28. he looks and sounds incredibly confused.

  29. It’s got what’s called “OLED.” lmao

  30. this guy need to check his emails!!

  31. 221,000 e-mails? Check your mail dude, or clean it =). +1 for Slack

  32. He wasn't the first the black guy was. See the media trying to discredit blacks again. Lol jk lucky it said one of the first

  33. Great screen, Samsung of course 💯

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