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CNET’s iPhone X review

The iPhone X has a giant screen, Face ID and no home button. A lot of it is totally new, and totally different…but is it an improvement over the iPhone 8?

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  1. I got the iPhone X on launch day. Apple Watch LTE on launch day. Purchased latest MacBook Pro in the summer. Next up is Apple HomePod. Then next year upgrade to 2018 iPad Pro and buy Apple OLED TV.

  2. What do you seriously think Steve Jobs would say about this phone! I am the happy owner of a iPhone 7 Plus and this will probably be my last iPhone.I refuse to drink the cool aide.Turd in the pool,1000 dollar emij machine,APPLE can do better than this.But until people like you and others refuse not to throw money at anything with a Apple logo nothing change.

  3. what happens when the police have your phone

  4. Touch-ID is way faster lol.

  5. this guy needs a better haircut

  6. I didnt think i would like it but the face id is great

  7. Definitely not worth $1,000

  8. So what you're saying is that there is no more 4 digit code to unlock

  9. You guys should call this a "first impressions video", not a "review".

  10. First off, I only bought the Iphone X because the latest IOS 11 update neutered my battery life to the point where my Iphone 6S Plus would only last 4 hours on standby and I only could talk on my phone for 20 minutes before needing to recharge it again!

    Call quality in the Iphone X sucks big time so I'm sending it back for a refund! Unless I get get 4 bars, the voice on the other end stutters and crackles to the point where I can't understand what the other user is talking about. I don't give a shit about all the bells and whistles. If the Iphone doesn't work as a phone first what good is it? BTW My carrier is Verizon.

    One another point, I currently can't access my Apple account for any device other than the Iphone X due to two factor authentication which the Apple techs can't figure out after. So after5 hours on the phone and on my computer, I asked them just disable the two factor authentication on my account and for some reason, they can't do it. So I'm currently locked out of my Apple account for the near future.

    So this Monday, I'm going to return the IPhone X back to Verizon for a full refund.

    Also face ID doesn't work if you have lights hitting your face that washout the infra red dots on your face like a ATM machine at night; You can't use face ID if you live in a climate that is cold enough to where you have to cover both your mouth and nose with a mask or scarf; of course the same issues would apply to wearing gloves renders touch ID useless, but I just thought I'd bring up this point for all you Northerners.

    Another issue is that identical twins can unlock each other's Iphone X using face ID, but they can't unlock each other's iphone that has touch ID because identical twins do not have the same fingerprints.

  11. Your review was WHACK!!!!

  12. The notch looks like Iron Man's helmet.

  13. Please, Not worth $999.99

  14. Keep giving me a handjob Apple. Still not paying you for it though!

  15. Seems more like a preview than a review. But looks interesting. Won't be spending $1200 though. My 6S Plus works just fine

  16. The one thing I don't like (overall it looks awesome), is the face recognition not unlocking the phone – you should have to swipe up. Honestly I was okay with the finger sensor for times when my phone is on the bed or something and I don't want to hold it. Now it seems like getting into your phone may be a few seconds delayed. I guess I'll find out when I eventually buy one lol.

  17. I think I prefer the fingerprint scan better. Even though it maybe less secure…

  18. top notch phone, fam. 😂

  19. Is this really called the “10” just because it’s an X? Sooo with that being said, what about the iphone 9???? We don’t say Xbox One 10 lol we say Xbox One X.

  20. what a good review. talks 2 mins about face ID. Facepalm

  21. I’m done with IPhones. Had them since they first came out but I’m sick to death of the glitchy updates that seem to completely retard the phone everytime a newer model comes up. That factored into a touch screen that doesn’t always work has guaranteed I won’t be buying another one. Oh…. let’s not forget getting rid of the headphone jack. Dumbasses!

  22. its a scam for idiots and these are all fake paid reviews

  23. Why does everyone have silver? I want to see black

  24. Can you unlock the phone with face id without having to swipe up?

  25. Face id is a no go, I'll get the 8

  26. This is worst iPhone ever

    I got myself Samsung Galaxy S8 and I'm happy with it

  27. I still using iphone 8s though

  28. So say you put a Halloween costume on ,according to this the iPhone won't unlock. Apple just stick with the finger print ID. Just a gimmick to over charge you for an over priced phone.🤔

  29. Is there going to be another iPhone 10 after the nine, minus the Roman numeral?

  30. So you had the for 24 hours and you call that a review.

  31. How do you access control center in horizontal mode?

  32. Ios is just so simple and boring. I love andriod nothing compares

  33. I dont like it. And only two colors. Meh. Pass.

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