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Essential Phone Review – Sweet Pixel 2 Alternative at $499

Lisa Gade reviews the Essential Phone PH-1, an unlocked Android smartphone with a stunning bezel-free display and titanium and ceramic construction.

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  1. This phone is fantastic!! I can't recommend it enough. It looks beautiful, solidly built and the UI is fast and fluid. The best phone I've bought to date. People are sleeping on this phone. If you're on the fence about getting one, do it! You'll be pleasantly surprised. Trust me!

  2. I wish you were my mom Lisa

  3. Developers developers developers developers DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELPRS DEVEPRS WOOoOOoOoOoOo WOOOOOOOOOOOOO yeah! Give it up for me! Come on! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  4. Awesome review , I been using my Nexus 5x for the past two years and the pixel xl 2 just doesn't seem worth 900$ , now that the essential is 499$ plus this review , I'm sold

  5. I'd pick this phone only if a Dev would make the exact Pixel XL 2 ROM for this phone and use machine learning to have that protriat mode. Its basically the same specs as the Pixel 2 XL. I'm on Oreo on Nexus 6 and it's great but I'd pick this phone. Pixel is too expensive.

  6. those pogo pins belong on something like a Samsung Note…

    not an "essential"

  7. 1) The modularity is gimmicky
    2)Should be waterproof
    3)Should have a bigger battery

  8. a review that actually mention gsm,cdma…thank you

  9. either note 8, ip 8 or pixel xl, the rest are just pure crap.

  10. Ceramic back – damages easy when dropped, and is extra slippy in the hand. Seems to be a bit basic for a flagship phone

  11. I'm curious about When they're gonna make it full crystal glass and no metal for case.

  12. I'm sorry but I can't stand the camera obscuring the screen; I can already tell it would annoy the hell out of me. This along with the IPhone X's design is just a terrible idea.

  13. Could I import this to the UK ?
    Cos that’s super super cheap converted to pounds right now would it even work over here ?

  14. That green will never be released… For the record.

  15. After the Pixel 2 XL's screen has been getting all the attention and not in a good way, I decided to give this a try. $499 for this phone makes it a lot more tempting. Great review as usual Lisa.

  16. Keep up the good work. I have been a fan work a long time.

  17. Great review. Just one thing though, a firmware is still a kind of software, as opposed to hardware.

  18. Thanks Lisa!!! 👌🏻 Phone looks tempting but I dunno, I’m more mainstream I suppose.

  19. It was never going to ship with Oreo at the time that it came out.

  20. @MobileTechReview can you please review all flagship android phones with the google camera port including the lg v30? I'm sure some people would rather buy another phone that the pixel 2 xl if they are tech savy and get 90% of the picture quality with better hardware elsewhere.

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