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Exclusive iPhone X Experience with Apple!

Apple invited me to check out the iPhone X early. This new iPhone is launching soon, so enjoy this before my iPhone Review that is coming! iPhone X: 10 …

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  1. Just use Z like swipe for fast multi task.

  2. https://youtu.be/gXOBpSz-LYo Anyone can help me plz? Is a iPhone X Problem/glitch plz reply all! Help

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  4. Another cameo by Thunde (?) of Boored at Work……

  5. Guys apple is a scam the Iphone X has very weak glass and actually has a face ID fail.

  6. Now that's worthy of cracking open an iced cold Bud Light!

  7. How can you forget that notch? It's a glaringly obvious design failure by Apple and Co. Better luck next year I guess…and…FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Animojis are NOT a feature, but, a marketing gimmick. Apple are supreme masters of the over-hype cash and grab game. lol

  8. All the reviewers got a white iPhone X! No love for the black model.

  9. I think at the end you didn't figure out how to close the apps on task manager :))) Just press and hold man :))))

  10. Can't wait for my new iPhone X 😍😍😍

  11. I'm still using the iPhone 5S…

  12. Samsung's OLED display on this iPhone is just beautiful and the colors just pop

  13. Funny how all the techies are saying the notch doesn’t even look as if it’s there

  14. That notch is still hideous though

  15. Definately subscribing to this dude… that i can tell you

  16. Remember when the head of Samsung threw his phone on the ground in the middle of the Apple vs Samsung court case. Everyone in the courtroom gasped, as the phone didn't break.

  17. Not even as good as an s7.

  18. They seriously need to make an iPhone X plus. The problem with the screen, even though it is slightly longer, is that it’s narrower and I hate that similar to those narrow galaxy phones. So make the iPhone 10 model with the same dimensions as the plus size model. That screen size could be like 6 inches, with the width of the normal plus size.

  19. Very nice the wallpaper of Monaco on your computer 😉

  20. IDK why but your thumbnail looked like as MKBHD's

  21. 絵文字かわいい💕
    emoji is cute😘

  22. will tat face sensor works in dark lyt?????????????????

  23. Yeah fool I don't want a receding hairline on myself or my phone

  24. Iphone X does not have a bigger display, the usable display is smaller than the 8 plus, it doesnt even get any of the beniftes of having a "larger" display like the 8 plus has over the 8.

    Numbers arent everything, reviewers should address this.

  25. Yo yo been watching you since 2014. Great video!!

  26. I am bat 🦇 man , dude relax 😂

  27. Wow kissing apples ass. They told you guys what to cover or what to ignore. Pathetic.

  28. I'm afraid when I click on buying something online by accident, there's no going back
    at least if use my finger I have my 2nd chance.

  29. Samsung Note 9 will fuck this iPhone X bitches!!!

  30. It looks precious on the outside, but I prefer the Porsche specifications of Huawei.

  31. Mine comes in 5 weeks I wait till the night to order blah

  32. Do people still waste their money on these phones that haven't changed in 9 years? Idiots!!!

  33. This is not related to the video but I made a short stop motion film about the city of Detroit. I would really appreciate it if someone would see it. i know i shouldn't be advertising on other YouTube videos but I need a boost for my channel. Just a kid trying to show the world his passion.

  34. “I am batman” I’m Dead

  35. Emoji Option is Tooooooooooo Cool, It's the best Phone of iPhone History💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  36. realized iPhone SE and iPhone X

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