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Facebook increasing ad transparency, iPhone X repairs look pricey (Tech Today)

The most important stories in tech include an effort by Facebook to clearly identify ads ahead of an upcoming US election. Meanwhile, Apple outlines prices for …

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  1. I don't eat apples anymore!! I eat samsungs…

  2. The Note 8 and S8 screens cost more because they look better AND actually wrap around the device.

  3. 279$? That’s cute. Galaxy s8 and Note8 screen repair is 300$.

  4. Wait but apple bought those screens fron samsung at 140 dollars each. Why does it cost twice to repair it? What does apple need to do apart from shipping it and installing?

  5. This is hilarious 😂 people rather be poor than to be smart and not buy an iPhone X.

  6. Now that Verizon and other carriers are removing the phone discount for signing up for a 2 year renewal, I imagine a lot of people will start holding onto there phones for longer periods.

  7. 549$$$$😲 forget the screen the back it's what I'm worried about.

  8. $549 dollars? I would really like to know the defense from Apple users?

  9. D display cost Apple a lot

  10. Google did that shit for a long time

  11. iPhone just sale drop dramatically this year in my country.. I never seen such drop more than 48% .. Wonder why…

  12. Well I never buy Apple care but did for the first time

  13. $279 For iPhone X screen repair.
    Everyone says Apple is expensive.

    $300 For S8 and $350 for note 8.
    No one says anything…

  14. I left Facebook too many ads and my mom keeps posting "Jesus is coming soon"… yeah ma for the past 25 years of my life😒. Her and I have 2 different definitions of "soon" apparently.

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