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Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL Hands On Review

The Google Pixel 2 XL is the best Android phone out there thanks to a large 6-inch screen with an edge-to- edge design, and great software. In our review, we …

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  1. Dated? How about Apple having the same design language for like 4 years. THAT is dated.

  2. Man if you an LG V20 you wouldn't have all those notifications getting in the way. 😜 Nice review.

  3. Would be nice if you guys did a follow up video on display issues on xl variant

  4. Great review, would like to hear how phone calls and speakerphone sound on both phones

  5. Would love to see a little bit more of the official case! I've ordered one, but it'd be nice to see it in action.

  6. Very nice truthful fearless straight forward detailed review. Thank you so much for telling the truth. Just be truthful like this, ignore the Android fanboys.

  7. Xl 2 screen angles fail? Google should drop the price then

  8. One of the most honest reviews.

  9. every iphone has the same bezels and nobody says anything about it…

  10. Regarding Pixel 2 and LG V 30, you might want to look at Jeff Springer's videos regarding issues with those Poled screens. Both of those made by LG seem to have some problems with visual banding and off center viewing and color quality.

  11. Same guy raving about curved tvs I bet from Samsung. Those are dead now, but Sony kept going flatter and thinner. Guess who won that war? Sony.

  12. Why do reviewers keep saying the bezels are like a phone from 2015? Helloooo…. Bezels got reduces only in 2017 so quit trumpeting that line already. Jeesseee.


  14. 2:18 It doesn't look like a phone from 2015, the iphone 8 just came out with huge bezels.

  15. Phone is great and smooth but don't say best camera in the world ..

  16. FYI Motion photos was introduced by WINDOWS phones And not Apple…

  17. Thank you for such a good review. Great job man!

  18. You chew your nails too much 😀

  19. God, those thumbnails :(. Ugh..

  20. how to minimize the screen?

  21. I miss the white frame color Pixels

  22. …..The bezels on the XL 2 are just fine. What’s the fuss about? As for battery life, many reviewers are saying it’s the best, head to head with the note.

  23. Really bad lighting in this room, this is more of an extended hands on vs a review. Kinda disappointed… cute selfie tho

  24. iPhone x or Pixel 2 XL?

  25. my galaxy s7 is the best there is the best there was the best there ever will be

  26. How do you compare battery between Pixel and Pixel 2. Pixel and Pixel 2XL. My pixel battery does not even last a day. Its the one most annoying this. I plan to but Pixel2 XL, if the battery is better and comparable with something like LG G6 or LG v30

  27. Not all phones are trying to go bezeless, they have uses, they're handy to grip onto when watching a video in landscape, unless you wanna not have anything to grip on to, the normal pixel does not look 'dated' and if you're really that bothered about how your phone looks rather than how it runs be a stupid prick and buy something else, I for one like the design of the smaller pixel, and it is not dated at all….

  28. Someone has a hard on for iPhones.

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