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Google Pixel 2 Review: The Awesome Software Flagship

Google Pixel 2 skins: https://dbrand.com/pixel-skins Pixel 2 full review! The second generation little Pixel. Google enters a highly competitive market, and this …

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  1. Someone needs to invent a dongle that allows you to plug in to charge while using headphones. Probably already exists, but I've not seen one.

  2. "It's funny that Manufacturers have to sell phones by promoting premium materials". What's more funny is that everyone on youtube and yes, even pocketnow was crying for premium materials back in 2013-2014.

  3. S8 beat this Pixel 2 ! Or Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact beat this Pixel 2 !

  4. Obsesión with the bezel Craig about headphone jack and materials of the phone. Any way almost every person put ugly cases in the iPhone and galaxy s8. So is a point less wasted time spiking about metal or plastic. This phone is awesome try the phone first and spike later.

  5. Consensus peace invitation dorgx appropriate everybody estimate appointment rush awareness declare huge follow.

  6. Screen down on a rock.. That's special, heh

  7. Ugly phone with amazing camera

  8. When LG did the coating then it was bad. When Google does it, it's awesome.

  9. Watching this on the iPhone 5S…

  10. Sounds like a damn infomercial

  11. Knocking the bezels on a phone with 2 front facing speakers is just dumb. It makes for a bad review when you give the negative when you dont point out right away why it maybe worth it so others.

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  13. 31% recharge in 30 mins for a 2700mah battery is pretty bad

  14. Watched this on my Pixel 2, coming from my 1st gen Pixel XL, liking it a lot. Glad I chose to downsize this year when I pre-ordered, for a variety of reasons, it turns out.

  15. just wait a few months..that stutter and lag will creep right in, buddy. lol what software is so much better on samsung that would sway me away from grabbing a pixel 2? i have an s6 edge, smooth as hell for the first few months, then got super laggy. had other samsung phones too. running an s8 ported rom at the moment, and besides a stupid pen, what's the real benefit to that note? timely updates? nope. "skinned" android? nope. a curved display? nope, it just gets annoying when typing or swiping on the sides. c'mon, what's so much better than a buttery smooth android phone? the galaxy Nope 8.

  16. Nexus 5 was also an awesome software flagship but it was only $349….lol

  17. I actually already ordered my Panda skins for my Pixel 2. They should be here tomorrow.

  18. phone is trash lmao. $850 for pure trash, go buy a note 8

  19. More than an iPhone and there’s nothing special about the software. You can get pixel launcher on better phones. And no headset. Overall pathetic effort just like last year.

  20. For the 650$ price, i could see a demographic that would like what the Pixel 2 offers and oversee its shortcomings. However… In my country it costs 967$ for the 64GB model. That is NOT an offer i can recommend, not in a vacuum, and especially not seeing as the Note 8 undercuts it by 40$.

  21. Juan, please keep us up to date if you find any good USB-C headphones/earbuds! I've been looking for the past 2 years since picking up my Nexus 6P and I've yet to find something solid.

  22. the green old Lumia look awesome 0:51

  23. After comparing how well my wife's Nexus 5X has stood up to several years of living in her handbag with her keys and change & being regularly dropped by the kids (it still looks almost new), and how poorly my "premium" aluminium Nexus 6P has stood up to a couple of years of being coddled – the black anodized aluminium is scratched and chipped to hell – I'm over aluminium phones.

  24. Many renderings show the Pixel in really blue, red, and green, then they come up with this shit a panda piece of garbage. No thanks, not at all interested.

  25. dislike because of dbrand shit

  26. i like this smaller design. Oversized phones are jus oversensationalized imho

  27. a Plastic phone?!?!?! Blasphemy you'd never hear the end of it

  28. I enjoy stock android. It is my favorite os experience. I really want the pixel But I can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on the pixel 2 or 2 xl at this time. There is just too much going on with those phones for me to justify it. I will wait and see

  29. No extra feature=good software oh ic

  30. Weyland-Yutani hat. You're an Alien fan, aren't you? Haha.

  31. Pixel 2 bend test is weak around the power button.

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