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Google Pixel 2 Review: Why You Can’t Buy a Better Android Phone | WIRED

In almost every way, the Pixel 2 is the iPhone of Android phones, says WIRED’s David Pierce. And that’s a compliment. Google’s back with Pixel. Actually two: …

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  1. has nobody got bored of the same status bar and quick-settings icons, the overall colors used in system UI on stock google yet ?
    Damn they are using the same combination of icons,etc since alot of years, Please now its time to change them all

  2. "the iPhone for Androids" that literally makes no sense as Apple is the only company that makes phones for IOS… So Apple is technically the best and worst company at making phones for IOS. There are so many phones that use the Android operating system that the comparison makes no sense. There is no competition for a better IOS device

  3. So many people defending apple when the iphone 7, 7plus, 8, 8plus, and x don't have head phone jacks and the wireless charging is expensive and not as fast as google's fast charging😂😂😂😂oh btw if your bothered by the blue tint on the pixel, its not that bad your just you overeating

  4. cool phone- douche presenter

  5. Did they removed his iPhone X "review" video from channel….??

  6. This is a terrible video. And what is up with no headphone jacks now? Fuck, I don't want to charge my earphones too, or have some adapter.

  7. BS, David! The smaller one feels like a relic no phone

  8. They aren't the same… the 2XL screen is made by LG and has serious burn-in and color issues. The smaller Pixel 2, on the other hand, is actually a very nice phone.

  9. This review is so jumbled. I honestly can't even tell if he likes the phone or not. Only thing I got out of it was selfie, first to new software, selfie, not good pressure sensing sides, selfie, good to be first, selfie, not as pretty as S8, selfie, fast processor, selfie, no headphone jack. He just jumbles the pros and cons together. There is no flow in the review. Also, what' with the same selfie footage.

  10. Why is he not in the verge anymore?

  11. are you calling this a REVIEW !!

  12. Google is clearly paying their bills!!! ;-(

  13. The Vergecast crapped on this phone so how do I decide

  14. I had to return my Pixel 2 XL. First the screen does have a bit of a blue tint to it, but it's not that bad, but that's not why I returned the phone. Still a $900 phone shouldn't have this. Also, on phone calls on speakerphone, there is a popping and crackling sound that comes out of the speakers. Google is supposed to release a fix for this, but this is also not why I returned the phone. The reason I am returning the phone is because just like the Pixel XL before it, there are STILL Bluetooth connectivity issues. I have been working with Google Tier 3 Tech support for months to fix this issue, but it is still not fixed. I purchased the Pixel 2 XL in hopes that since it was a different manufacturer, hence different BT technology, it should connect to my car. NOPE! Same issue! Will connect, but will not stay connected. I know it is not my car because I have two other phones that connect to my car, stay connected and work flawlessly. This was the last straw for me! I returned the phone today for a full refund!

  15. why this channel supports iPhones not android

  16. I was big fan of your reviews. You were sooo good when you were with The Verge. What happened?

  17. "This camera can shoot in slow motion, up to 240 frames per second."

    Shows slow motion video footage where almost nothing is moving in the frame…

  18. Only losers and the uneducated don't use iPhones. Don't give me your crap about apps, blah blah blah.

  19. No elaboration on all that 'creepy' data collection? Google already intrudes enough into my life. I find their privacy controls purposefully coercive their data collection completely underhanded. We're all fucked

  20. At least he lasted at least the first half of the video without mentioning his employers product

  21. Lost interest after that duck face scene 😑

  22. and it's just as expensive as iphone 8!

  23. It has problems with the screen and speakers.

  24. Didn't this guy work for The Verge before?

  25. Screw that phone I had nothing but screen issues…DONT BUY! buy a note 8 I know it's expensive but there no phones out there that come close

  26. Fag reveiws Google Pixel2

  27. WTF is up with these comments? The guy did a great job!

  28. I can't buy this one either…

  29. So…no audio jack, uninspired design, screen issues……..no, thanks.

  30. Hi, I purchased the pixel xl 2… and i remember idk if it was a google ad or if i actually watched a video of some1 talking aobut the pixel before it was officially released… but i remember hearing that supposedly you could get 7 hours of battery life by using it heavily.. and you could have it fully charged in 7 minutes… i have been charging it every time it drops tot 80 percent… and it tells me i need around 30 minutes to fully charge… is this normal? or is there something wrong with my batteries/charger? right now i have it chargingit says tha tmy battery is 92% full and at the bottom of the screen it says"charging rapidly (19 mins until full)" so is this normal?

  31. Wasn't this the biggest Apple fanboy from The Verge?

  32. Water resistenent not proof…there is a difference

  33. Shitty review. Disliked.

  34. amazing photos; Is it my idea or the photo at 2:35 looks grainy;

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