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Stoked to be out in Munich to check out the launch and to review the new Huawei Mate 10 Pro. It’s Huawei’s latest flagship that comes with a lot of world first’s in …

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  1. Смартфон с Нейросетью Huawei Mate 10 | Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review: The Beast is Now a Beauty

  2. How to buy this phone from the U.S ?

  3. the night photo doesnt look too good

  4. I have said every reasons why i want to win the iphone 8 😭

  5. I really want to win the Iphone 8 😭

  6. I'm still hoping Karl still hoping for you to notice me. 😭

  7. ‪I like the ultra caseee and the Iphone 8 rose-gold pleaseeeeeeeeeee! I'm begging you to notice me and let me win the Iphone 8 please 😭❤️‬

  8. I think its normal phone Lg v30 is more amazing than it

  9. Love that video, and I like the phone 🙂

  10. what first ai, ? siri not first ai ..

  11. Don't forget nexus 6p made by Huawei and worst battery life. But design looks great.

  12. iPhone X > Mate

    I just want easy likes 😒

  13. I want this to launch in India.

  14. is the Mate 10 has better picture than Pro? or is it the same? I'm new to this thing. 🙂

  15. P10 pr P10+ should have software update to get those camera features

  16. Umm technically isn’t the iPhone the first AI smart phone, as it has a Neural engine in the cpu, which takes care of AI processes like Siri, and improving the images taken, I know the iPhone doesn’t have image recognition but Apple beat huawei to the punch of the worlds first AI smart phone with the iPhone 8

  17. No like ,no comment.. so many china products..lol

  18. The price tho they used to be a slightly cheaper option to keep away from other brands now … not so sure

  19. Hey Carl, do you think the Mate 10 Pro is better than the P10+?????

  20. Not the first AI smartphone just a first AI chipset

  21. Out of curiosity, which would you personally prefer; iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 XL, or Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Obviously it's difficult to answer this early, but what is your initial opinion??

    I am so used to Apple that I fear the transition would be more difficult than it's worth.

  22. This phone looks promising. ☺️

  23. This is not a review. Please stop clickbaiting

  24. How does a review on premier day even make sense? That's not enough time to properly review a phone. This is more of a preview.

  25. The Note 7 Jokes Are Bloody Old And Rather NOT And Shall Never Be Funny… NEVERMORE…

  26. That's A Splendid Device Indeed… However…It's Rather Stupid That They They Placed All Those Splendid Specs And Left Out The Micro SD Card Slot…

  27. 34 More Bloody Idiot Morons Dislikes And Counting…

  28. I wish there would be a video of all 2017 android phones compare to google phone how much % bloatware takes place

  29. man u look bad…! Your neck is to long!

  30. Awesome phone. Is that a glass back design? it looks like a fingerprint magnet. I'd still buy one though 😀

  31. Why all that companies removing the headphones jack

  32. The mate 10 pro looks awsome and the camera is flawless

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