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Huawei Mate 10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Speed Test! (4K)

Epic phablet speed test showdown between Huawei Mate 10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8. ▻▻ Please Subscribe for Daily Tech Videos – http://goo.gl/wj6RxI …

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  1. It looks as if mate 10 has bluelight protection on. dull screen

  2. Not a fair comparison, you compared a 6Gb Ram phone vs 4 Gb. Huawei Mate 10 Pro should be used instead, now that would be a fair comparison.

  3. Mate 10 needs some time to get better.(patch) In 3 Days I got it and will test it agains Op5 and Axon 7!

  4. After seeing the quality difference of the displays, I dont think there is a need for speed test.Note 8 is the one.

    (Closing this gap with slight speed difference is impossible imo)

  5. the best of HUAWEI is Mate 10 Porsche Design or Mate 10 pro

  6. I love samsung galaxy note 8 more than huawei mate 10pro

  7. Mate 10 pro has very much less brightness

  8. Kirin processor is all about battery saving. Mate 10 is also cheap flagship, so I will go to this phone 4 real.

  9. I think you set the brightness in mate 10 low, I'm using it, and it is fascinating

  10. well I can see that the mate 10 is in ultra power saving mode… note the screen is so dim.

  11. I like Huawei, used it. I hated the 'S' brand phone, used it too. Sorry. That is my opinion. I will not be so arrogant like some retards as to comment the other brand as thrash or what, it will only start a flame war. But in my opinion, I will always go for the cheaper Chinese phones – Xiaomi, Huawei, Leagoo and even the Elephone and bypass certain Korean brands that I really don't feel it is worth that type of money.

  12. You need to run all your tests again bro I've got mate 10 bro & it has improved greatly since October !!!!

  13. Note 8 is awesome
    The shape of mate 10 is not good

  14. Take the animations of before testing this two…. dialer opens much faster without animations, so this isn't really a good test.

  15. Fastest booting is not the iphone 8+. Even S8 with oreo boots up faster and new pixel did even littlebit faster…

  16. Lol speedtest using fingertips

  17. The mate 10's screen is so bad😂😂😂😂😅

  18. Still getting the mate 10.. its for free anyway once I recontract with my service provider. Currently using my galaxy s6 edge plus 😁

  19. It's funny how they make jokes with iphone that they are gona look like tv controls and look now…galaxy note and s8+ r going in that direction

  20. Much better display on note 8

  21. Why did u not compare it to Mate 10 Pro?

  22. if look at their performance with their price,it is better than some other I.P brand

  23. Wow stupid test on ram part. Kirin 970 has A.I. which helps you save your battery and close your unused background apps

  24. Some people like one thing & want to be the best that thing
    I have mate9& s7 edge phone before
    Mate9 is much better than s7 edge
    Now i am going to buy s8 plus & i will check with mate9
    These guys are unfair they just want to beat mate 10 pro in low light & brightness
    Check the hands of guy who is making video it is edited video

  25. Why are you do not buy the mate 10 pro?

  26. i see what you zoomed there 4:49

  27. My BlackBerry Passport se is faster than both phone when opening native apps,

  28. Huawei must get way better in quality to get my attention

  29. Why icons and everything is bigger in mate 10 ?

  30. The Huawei mate 10 Pro is the best of the Huawei

  31. why another clip Mate 10 Ram management is much better than Note 8… Really don't get it

  32. This is not the Huawei's beat bro don't lie

  33. Wouldnt the best huawei be the pro version?

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