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iPhone 8 / 8+ Review – A PC Hardware Guy’s Perspective

dbrand sponsor link: https://dbrand.com/linus8 Let’s be honest – the iPhone 8 is pretty much the definition of a “refresh.” But does iOS 11 make this refresh a lot …

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  1. so, this time it has a t9 dialer?!

  2. Why the 🦆 you advertise stupid D brand in all your videos?? Its stupid… C'mon we want to look at original stuff

  3. The IPhone 8 is more of a phone than the IPhone X.

  4. Cyberpower sponsoring the video, but phones still have D-Brand skin on them, so that viewer can't see the phone. Disappointed.

  5. I am watching this on a iPhone 8+

  6. The s8 camera looks better

  7. But nobody bought the 8. You could walk into an Apple store on launch day of the 8 and buy one.

  8. So my previous job bought me a Galaxy S7 and once I left I got to keep the phone. I've been an iPhone user since 3GS, and have used every single iPhone since then. Currently on my iPhone SE wave (yes I know all the bullshit negatives about it, but the pros and physical hand use outweigh everything and the performance is god tier level with that wicked A9 pushing sub 720p lmao, but still beautiful display. Also just because an innovative design is a few years old doesn't mean it transforms to shit, there isn't some arbitrary timer in space.) Anyways, I decided to switch to Android Galaxy S7 for 2 full weeks. I went the full way. I transfer all my contacts, calendars, etc over. I converted all notes to Keep, everything else to Google Apps. Linked and synced every single thing on the Galaxy S7 and let Google do everything and anything and meticulously went through every setting and configured everything. And yes at the end of the day it's cool you can customize a bunch of shit and have a million possible options for everything. But the issue is there is a flaw at the fundamental break in the flow of converting conscious thought into direct output, and that is why Android will never overcome iOS. With iOS there is a seamless connection of the user to the phone and any imaginable action you want to execute can be effortlessly performed to reach the end result. There is no need to disconnect body-from-mind, only intuition, whereas in android, you're never truly free.

  9. True tone is actually really nice on the eye at night like if u agree

  10. IOS awesome? I'm not follow in because that's not what if seen.

  11. So you like the new CPU.  You really like the new GPU.  You like the new camera.  You're impressed by the battery life.  Basically you're complaining that they didn't change the SHAPE.  What kind of shape would you suggest?  Triangle?  Paisley?  Mobius strip?.  Tell you what folks, you want to be impressed then don't buy a new device every year or two.  I just upgraded from iphone5 to iphone8 and so I'm appreciating the upgrade.

  12. Do you think Linus would rather have a iPhone 10 but it doesn’t recognize his face or a note 7+. Twice the boom!

  13. note 8 is a complete package phone….

  14. Holly cow. It's not even 20 secs into a video and I already got frustrated af. That intro…

  15. IPhone's 1820 battery is by far superior that any other 4000+ Android battery. I have never owned iPhone. This is the truth. Fact. Can you speak the truth or the fanboy and ego inside you tells you not to do it?
    I am talking at the people in the comments.

  16. Did anyone saw linus profile pic at 8:03 lol

  17. 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈

  18. Yeah! I worked for Apple in the store and people are just idiots waiting in line the night before, I would not have believed it if I did not see it …. mostly they were the younger crowd. But they have been going on the down side each year I think since Steve died …

  19. Iphone 8+ Owner checking in.  Im not impressed with mine.  I feel silly for spending so much.  Should have waited for the 7+ to drop in price but of course my 6s+ had such a bad case of touch disease it wouldn't work anymore.

  20. iOS is little customizable and iPhone 8's resolution is a joke. I can't believe it wasn't even mentioned in this video.

  21. Another year, the same clickbait title.

  22. Why nobody talking about all the Iphone have only MONO microphone !!! All recording is Mono sound, for me it's AMAZING !!!

  23. i bought a dbrand and it sucks

  24. 2:20 Linus that hair tho. No spikes

  25. The iPhone 5c was the first cell phone I ever bought.
    It was such a nice phone that I still haven't upgraded yet.

  26. hey not iphone related but my latop blue screens on idel or webbrowsing i can online game ofline game and it will not crash updated network stuff uninstalled flash player and reinstalled same with all web browsers no luck could it be a voltage thing ?

  27. Fuck Apple . android is where its at

  28. if Google doesn't step up there game on stopping the malware from getting on the play store, I'm switching. it's inexcusable to let 40+ apps with malicious code in them to just pass through. I also wouldn't be surprised if Google was using an AI or machine learning algorithm like they do here on YouTube.

  29. Ios 11 looks better on the plus.

  30. Did anyone notice that when in camera photo mode the 2x zoom is not using the telephoto camera??

  31. why the fuck would anyone want one of these things, and are people (millennial's) so self fucking important that they have to take fucking selfies all the fucking time?

  32. Can you believe LinusTechTips is suggesting/sponsored by CyberpowerPC’s pre-built PCs? LMAO

  33. I think the new iOS also needs a press and hold to connect to bluetooth devices

  34. 6:19 I see you and your good taste in music sir

  35. Your reviews for iPhone are just a big fucking advertisement for Dbrand. What a joke. Fuck Dbrand, I wouldn't;t buy from them for this point alone.

  36. Mkg also reviews smartphones!!hmm interesting

  37. Apple has always been garbage. It's for users that want to waste a ton of money for outdated hardware.

  38. 0:22 thats the apple store I live next too

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