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iPhone X 2018 gets cheaper, Google Pixel 2 XL screen burn & more – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the iPhone X in 2018 and how its price will get cheaper. Then we focus on the Google Pixel 2 XL and the screen …

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  1. Damn, so the iPhone X is getting cheaper next year? Never saw that one coming 😛

  2. I researched the v30, note 8, but couldn't pull the trigger on returning the pixel 2 xl. Android Oreo, squeeze function & the camera are unbeatable. I ended up exchanging my Pixel 2XL. We shall see if it makes any difference. BTW, Always on display causes the screen to have random flashes too. They need to fix that!

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  5. already canceled my order. if i'm paying all this money it shouldn't be having these issues.

  6. Yeah I'd be quite disappointed if I get a model with screen burn in issues.

  7. I wish Google had an LCD version of Pixel 2. Just like the panel on Nexus 5 that was hailed as one of the most color accurate screen during its time. I prefer LCD over OLED tech. The screen just gets dirty due to screen burn overtime.

  8. what is the guy's name in the video??

  9. I will be waiting to see how Google deals with these "issues". I haven't seen them in person but there's enough of a buzz to make me want to wait before handing out $1000+ CAD for a defective phone.

  10. Pixel phone in CHINA??
    I would really like an explanation of that, SERIOUSLY!
    I am looking for LTE solution and a Pixel seems like the opposite of what I would need given The Great Firewall of China.
    That would be really cool if Google made a deal with them to let this particular phone get through.

  11. As a Nexus 6p owner I’ve opted for an 8 plus..first iPhone I’ve ever had. I really wanted the new xl too but the screen problems are too much.

  12. Correction, the original iPhone had a $200 price drop where people with a receipt already could get store credit.  That is if I recall.

  13. Just got the s8 active a month and ago so nope, not interested in the new pixel 😀

  14. Who cares about screen burn my s7 has it just learned from this video the line the exact size of YouTube's little square when I'm looking at comments so they've been worked harder I've only notice it recently and laughed really hard

  15. I think people are (finally) getting tired of being beta testers for the phone makers. It started before the Note 7 really, but the 7 really brought out the problem of phone makers not fully testing their phones (or software updates in some cases) before releasing them to the public, then thinking, "If there are bugs, people will report them and we'll fix them". No… you should be testing this stuff thoroughly enough so that they are as bug free as possible BEFORE they start shipping to the public.

    Last year we had the Note 7 issues. This year the Pixel 2 screen issues (XL) and body fragility (smaller model). The Essential phone promised a new era in phones and shipped with a sub-par camera. Apple has been releasing IOS updates from HELL with more bugs than a $5 whorehouse. I think people need to speak up more and say they've had enough. Do more reviews to call these makers out… keep your older phones longer until a phone is PROVEN to be worthy of a mortgage payment's price tag.

  16. My 2 XL is great with screen brightness and zero burn in so far….
    Only had it for 9 days, so we'll see. Really liking this phone over the GS8 I happily unloaded. That phone was pretty, but the bezel-less thing didn't work for me and my big hands. Always accidentally launching an app, or something, just trying to set it down. HATED that phone. Loved it's camera, but the 2 XL seems to be as good, if not a tick better, especially with HDR!
    Really enjoying the "pure" Android experience, and no bloatware. Phone is very snappy.

  17. Why cant you use a different phone other than pixel devices in china? That market is flooded with devices that work in that country like the OP5 for instance….. anyway, I was just wanting to drop this comment because Im actually confused. I have owned every Nexus and last years PixelXL device since the LG made Nexus 5 (other than the 5X b/c I had the 6P) and I dont understand how Google is selling out of these devices in the Google store given the fact that I have only ever seen ONE (1) other Pixel device in the wild other than mine and TWO (2) Nexus devices other than the one I owned. These arent "popular" by any stretch of the imagination so where are they all going?? You would think since Google always seems to be out of stock on these devices that I would see plenty of them but, I just dont…

  18. Loved seeing the pure flix add on this video, never thought I would love seeing an add lol

  19. This is what is worrying me about the iPhone X.. I'm scared that if I finally jump to the OLED screen from an iPhone user that I'd be stuck with eventually getting screen burn in. All Galaxy products suffer from this. And I don't think an iPhone would be any different

  20. U11 is still the best phone for the year it seems…..

  21. Oh my god do you have to say your name a hundred times in a video? 😀 By now, everybody who’s watched your videos know you are Hhhaime Rrriverrra 😂

  22. Yes jim that burn will hurt our pocket. Fortunately for those who can wait for another year for next pixel can hope for good OLED display.

  23. IPhone X is a shit looking phone and retarded with that ugly notch on top when all the idiots had to do was make a simple bezel on top. And apple are liars its not all screen that's total lie the x has black borders all round it so its not all screen apple are lying to everyone.

  24. H what's your NY address? 😂

  25. November 17th baby! Up here in Montreal, I've got a nice warm front pocket waiting for Google goodness, Pixel 2XL – Stormtrooper style! Google Software, Pixel camera tech and the list goes on… Sure it's got isolated cases of screen issues, but still not enough to change my mind. Heck I'm still using my Nexus 6P with off-axis blue hues, screen burn-in and a battery that I need to charge 3 times daily. For me, it's all about the Native Google user experience and camera picture quality.

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