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iPhone X FIRST IMPRESSIONS !!! Hands-on Experience

More iPhone X content coming out soon SUBSCRIBE! [GETTING A NYC OFFICE!!] – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGkuDQtdF1o&t=1s Shoutout to …

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  1. just had to say "X" wrong a couple times TO KEEP YAL ON YOUR TOES 👀👀👀👀

  2. I’m sticking with my iPhone 7 Plus it’s my fair color red

  3. The iphone for people who just by it “because”

  4. How do you go to the masks? I tried to find them, and I couldn't. 🙁

  5. People keep on saying and exaggerating that the iPhone X is expensive. Most of y’all are on contracts anyway so y’all are used to this! Why you acting different about it now? You only paying a little bit more every month if you choose the X so quit making a big deal about it. It’s not like you’re paying full price for the phone (most people don’t)

  6. Pretty cheesy upgrades for todays world like 2017.

  7. whats in more demand space gray or silver?

  8. this phone is trash, that chino is totally banging her

  9. But the X screen ISN'T bigger than the Plus. It's narrower, everything is smaller, texts wraps, smaller keyboard, etc. 🙁

  10. So I finished watch the video and liked and i was going to subscribe but then i realize that I already sub. I so want to double subscribe!

  11. This is absolutly nr 1 bullshit

  12. 烧屏的后果由你来承担🤣

  13. I dont like this phone ,I was waiting some better , samsung s8 100000% better

  14. she's pretty cute. i'd cum on her face

  15. you need a life if you spent all this time excited about a phone made by chinese ppl in china

  16. Thanks! Your review was helpful!!!

  17. Just pls never take selfies your ugly asf taking pics

  18. I want it,I really want it omg 😩😭!

  19. I own the 8 plus. Is a big difference? I mean importar difference between 8 and 10 to make the change?

  20. So so so so beautiful girl… omg.. :O

  21. just a phone, I would not make a video about buying a phone. the iPhone x is too small for me . it would be nice if they came out with a iPhone x plus which would be better phone .

  22. I LOVE the off white colour. Looks retro

  23. love your presentation/news/take/commentary

  24. 260K reviews … put iPhone in the title and press go

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