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iPhone X preorders sell out in 10 minutes (CNET News)

Read the CNET News article here: http://cnet.co/2zbDoql Apple says demand for the iPhone X is “off the charts.” Reports say the phone is in short supply.

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  1. My dad got one is he lucky?

  2. They telling apple it ok for the iPhone to be 1,000

  3. I love talking trash about Apple, but there are a few things that the company has it right… Apple does provide updates in much older devices, Apple car play is 100 times better them Android auto, and the support is pretty good. I hate android auto, I DO NOT GET MY TEXT WHEN I AM CONNECTED WHILE USING GOOGLE MAPS…… FIX THAT SHIT GOOGLE!!!!!! I am about to dump my Samsung device and go Apple.

  4. Pre-orders selling out ? That means nothing if the numbers are not provided. Basically it's another way to say we didn't make enough or the numbers made were low !!

  5. Shortage of supply becuase of its facial recognition system….ummm I could be mistaken…but thats software, no? Typically shotrage is due to hardware constraints. Samsung limiting there supply of oled screens sounds more like it.

  6. I get mines on Nov. 3rd and cannot wait!

  7. If Brooke Peterson's dad loses his job over an iPhone 10 review that she made… why doesn't this guy lose his job, too? I'm not buying ANY Apple products because Mr. Peterson lost his job over a simple video review… doesn't make sense (?) Apple: explanation required.

  8. Good ole CNET bragging about the 3 million iPhones that were sold out lol

  9. The only reason Apple products are bought are this:
    1. people dont understand much about phones and automatically go for the most popular one
    2. Steve Jobs died and they like Apple's history
    3. They buy phones based on iMessage and Facetime and emojis

  10. For me… i wanted bought Iphone X but one thing i dont want pre order i wanted see Youtubers review it first, it is SHIT or it is GOOD. But i dont scared out of stock in my country because not many people in my country can afford Iphone 7 to up :/

  11. Most will be putting this on a credit card. Which means they will be paying a lot more than $1000. He-He.

  12. Lies. My friend was waiting at 2am to get his. He got it! I went home and my father was on the phone with T-Mobile & got mine at 9am ??? Nov 3. I’ll have mine? So how did they sell out?

  13. The Apple website didn’t work for me until 10 minutes after launch. Now I have to wait 3 weeks. LIFE IS STRESSFUL!

  14. Yall people crazy for people a 💰1000 for a phone

  15. More comments full of people judging other comments full of people telling them how they are in the wrong for talking about how they should spend 1K. Just spend that money in a better place 😉

  16. Watching this from my iphone X

  17. Android fanboys are jealous because they inspires from apple haha 😂 😂 because non of Android phone can beat it and non useless android phone sell million of unit in just 10 mins around the world

  18. I am SO lucky i got into the Apple Store 2 minutes after preorder time and was able to order a 256gb silver iPhone X! It's coming in five days for me! Woohoo so excited! I've heard that others have to wait 5-6 weeks so I am so lucky

  19. I'm in line for the iPhone x right now 🙂

  20. Mine says estimated 11/3-11/10 ordered through T-Mobile at like 230pm Friday…. this isn’t a race guys…. and refreshing a browser doesn’t mean anything. Look at me…lol

  21. I feel so lucky I got one on nov 3

  22. Wow Bridget Carey is back 😍

  23. I got a 256GB Silver and Space Grey for November 3 here in Australia! Can’t wait

  24. How can it not be sold out when quantities are limited?

  25. Should I get Space Grey or Silver?

  26. This shows how pathetic human are becaming…. Next they will charge 1500 for a full transparent iPhone and those Isheeps will pay for it.

  27. I’m one of the lucky ones who will have mine in the first batch. I was at Tmobile the second it opened to preorder mine. I paid it off in full

  28. They haven't changed the design for 3 years no wonder there is pent up demand. Imagine going from a Galaxy s5 to an s8 in one generation?

  29. User "Boy has no name" is a troll on here. Be warned.

  30. Why are they lying Im still able to pre order an iPhone x by my carrier wtf…

  31. A total shambles trying to get an APPLE iPhone X for november 3 delivery , no one answers at the store , the annoying voice message says call back later , and their website just suffers paralysis , SB would NOT be amused !

  32. So many triggered Apple haters here

  33. All this is bs the reason they aren't able to produce more phones is cause of samsung display they using. Samsung is giving very low supply of their super amoled displays which is slowing down the manufacturing

  34. I heard like 10% – 15% of the profits go to Samsung. How is this possible????

  35. Don't be fooled by the phone being sold out in minutes. Apple didnt have tons of iPhones 10s so it's all an illusion that it's a big seller. Be smarter

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