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iPhone X Review

The iPhone X expensive. It’s hard to get. It will take some getting used to. And it’ll have its share of quirks. But it’s not just tomorrow’s iPhone today and it’s not just …

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  1. If that is the best iphone then apple is going to a wrong direction… imac with a huge notch for faceid? Lol! Not buying, i keep me current iphone and not getting the hello kitty ears phone…

  2. Reamember that Samsung made the display

  3. Ha ha🤣he said it looks like and iPhone. No bro it looks like a Samsung screen. Because it is a Samsung OLED screen.

  4. “It’s flipping GORGEOUS”. Hey now watch your mouth buddy

  5. The future of smartphone? Samsung was like way ahead…

  6. Hmm this phone or a ps4 pro


  8. delayed gestures FTW!!! I hate to wait.

  9. 90% of the comments on this video are calling you out for being unbearably biased. At least pretend to be a journalist once in a while.

  10. not really a review though.

  11. let me know when the "regular" YouTubers post their review.

  12. It has its limitations like you can only register one face lmao….well hell how many faces do you have

  13. Well apple does not want his daddy samsung to have amoled display instead ask her mother lg to make them oled display

  14. this is the worst damn product apple has made.

  15. Question with face id if you had a beard at set up n shave it the next day would it still work ?

  16. Watching movie while holding in hands is a problem

  17. Samsung made the screen for the iPhone10. Apple knows Samsung make the best screens.

  18. That swipe lag in 2:05 though… Really Apple, on a brand new out of the box device?

  19. https://youtu.be/OG3W3QGnQos
    Do fast fast fast after seeing this..😂😂ifag..

  20. Screen made by Samsung. Not by Apple

  21. i really love apple.. but that wasnt a review just a apple fanboy xD

  22. so u guys dont know the diff between unboxing and review.. just use brain man..

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