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iPhone X Review

The iPhone X has a killer camera, edge-to-edge display, Face ID—and the steepest price tag yet. So is it worth it? Find the full review: …

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  1. Its crazy how quickly u get used to the home button being gone.

  2. how do you download the free app without the faceid authentication

  3. I just need a phone for my games XD

  4. Who is watching this while on a iPhone 📱?

  5. This Ching Chong is really hot

  6. You need to go to hospital if you have a swollen eyelid, if you had migraines before that it means you have a sinus infection, this happened to me and I had to go to hospital overnight for two days, if I had left it longer, I could've went blind after a few months

  7. I loved your review. I like to know where did you take those videos. Specially the one that you were walking down the stairs. It is a very pretty place.

  8. Is the animoji really fucking necessary?Is that what you call "evolution" Apple?

  9. Leftist Buzzfeed is still disgusting. Needs more stuff like this and general APOLITICAL Relatable Young persons issues.

  10. “You should get this is you take videos and photography pretty seriously.”
    News flash you can buy a bomb ass camera for less then 1k

  11. Samsung had this a long time agi

  12. I'll become a professional editor and a cinematographer one fine day when I make a ad like apple

  13. I have one and it's not worth two Essential Phones. Not even close.

  14. The phone is still over priced trash compared to the Note 8

  15. Ur cute but you already knew that but just thought I tell you again

  16. i fall in love for you girl!!

  17. LG v30 makes this look like something from the pound store

  18. Lol I has a swollen eye about two days ago just like that except not to closed

  19. Animoji, swipe gestures, speed. Is it enough for me to switch from note 8

  20. $1000 plus an additional $70 for a fast charger… Unbelievable cheek. As far as saying it's worth it if you love photography…… Rewind where you say daylight is over saturated and Pixel 2 brighter at night. I personally would miss just tapping a phone or looking at the screen Sat at my desk just to view notifications without having to pick it up to look at it then swipe to unlock

  21. People fail to list why they need this phone if you disagree please list why I would like to hear your thinking

  22. This review is like the kids on my schools announcements talking about technology.

  23. So this is the galaxy s8 reject. Thank god Samsung trash this concept its ugly that besel kills the looks

  24. straight white males are not welcome to watch this video

  25. You are SO pretty omg great review, not so great phone for the price lol

  26. Stick to complaining about white people and leave tech alone.

  27. Can’t buzzfeed just stick to their trashy cancerous content? there’s no need for you to ruin reviews for the rest of us

  28. I think the iPhone ten don’t have any speakers like the iPhone 8 has two not one reviewer mentions any speakers Apple released a ten year iPhone addition and it’s not as cool as 2007 iPhone

  29. Since this is the review for humans, would you please do a review for cats? Meow. This is my 'I am serious' face.

  30. When you poor AF and cant afford this phone! 😭😭😭

  31. I literally think I wouldn't be able to actually work it

  32. I think animated emoji is most impressive thing for this phone so far

  33. …btw, samsung Galaxy s8 already has all this like 6 months earlyer…… just sayin

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