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iPhone X review: Apple’s new £1,000 phone almost feels like the future

The Independent’s technology critic David Phelan was one of a handful of journalists worldwide to be given full access to review the new iPhone X.

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  1. https://youtu.be/gXOBpSz-LYo Anyone can help me plz? Is a iPhone X Problem/glitch plz reply all! Help

  2. This is it? Why should anyone pay such an amount of money for basically no new idea. Not to mention why should one pay for tiny gadgets so much money? By the way this is an advert and not a review. A review offers pro and cons. This is a thank you commercial.

  3. There is nothing similar out there….. Hmm. Galaxy s8, LG g6, pixel xl2.
    This guy really wants apple to send him early access to phones in the future.
    This is an advert not a review

  4. i think this is rubbish. got mine today and it feels and looks like a cheap Chinese brick phone

  5. The future! don't know where this guy has been! The phone's new tech has been utilised in other phones for the past 2-3 years, plus it's awkward looking and the design looks dated already. The only good part is the camera and the new processor (which is in the cheaper and better looking (iphone 8). Other than that is all old tech! And Apple are mugging people off at £1000! Got to laugh at ther stupidity of buying into a brand somes times!

  6. Utter fucking gash.  This feels like a paid advert.  Yesterday's tech at tomorrow's inflated prices.

  7. what do the english have against young people?
    why this old guy to tell you about technology?

  8. <– you can also check my unboxing

  9. so everything on the iPhone x is what android have been doing for years no thanks iPhone !!!!!!!

  10. The battery has two hours more than the iPhone 7, until iPhone 11 comes out 😂

  11. A 4 minute review of the biggest phone release of the year, do you really think you’ve got time to talk about a gimmick like Animoji’s?

  12. The lenses are NOT vertical, because the standard-videoformat is horizontal!

  13. Nobody appreciates these "reviews". We know these are early review units given by Apple with a clear directive that the videos are to be overviews of the "magical" and "revolutionary" features of the phone. You guys cannot talk anything remotely negative of it. Well, it's okay. But we know what you're saying here has not much meaning.

  14. There is nothing futuristic about this phone. Stop brainwashing people.

  15. I like the guy, interesting

  16. ….’a poo’… we’re going backwards…

  17. this is not a review whats the positive and the negative

  18. The audio on this is really poor, not to mention the lighting hotspots, the shirt moiré, the unnecessary background music.

    It's like a newspaper trying to make videos, but not trying very hard.

  19. could you have picked anyone more wooden and cold to review this. Damn im English but this guy is sending me to sleep… just like when I was in school all those years ago yawn

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