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Jelly Smartphone Review

On The New Screen Savers with Leo Laporte, Jason Howell reviews the Jelly phone from Unihertz, one of the world’s smallest Android smartphones. Unihertz …

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  1. Coming to a prison near you soon

  2. Looks like one of those while label chinese phones with the Unihertz middleman… but the price is still reasonable, and Android 7.1 would be a great reason to get it. Most generic chinese tiny phones are running outdated versions of Android with no way to update.

  3. Looks painful to use, you probably should of got the 2gb one.

    This would make a good car back up phone. Or even use it as a wifi hotspot in The car for kids to conect to etc.

  4. Will this work on Verizon?

  5. Phones like this always have massive bezels. If they took away the bezels and gave the screen a 4:3 ratio, it would be a lot easier to use.

  6. Awesome review well said great cute small 4G mobile👏😁👌👍

  7. Lol why are u marketing this for adults. Silly rabbits this is for kids .

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