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LG V30 Review: The Best Video Phone (With One Big Exception)

LG didn’t do itself any favors by waiting until October to release its V30 smartphone in the US, after first announcing it back in August. But it’s telling that, in the …

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  1. I don't get it and it has all the resolution and, it has The Punchy amulet colors just as the Note 8 does so how is the Note 8 better. Well how does it have a better screen

  2. I really want the V30 as my next daily driver! However, for the price LG should have really added a better front facing camera. I'll just wait until it's refurbished on eBay for about $300 in a few months 😂👍

  3. Mr Mobile uploads…
    puts his headphones on STAY MOBILE!!

  4. Really great videos…great narration too!

  5. The USB charger that comes with this phone is abysmal!

  6. Michael. I am having a baby in May. And I want to take a lot of video. What do you think takes better video, v30 or iPhone 8 Plus? (Or if there is another device instead).

  7. Hi, buddy. . My priorities are vIDEO, Vlogging, Blogging, Still photography, Reading and writing on my device, Watching movies and videos, social media. is there any serious issue concerning the display quality and screen of LGV30. I was reading somewhere that colour accuracy is inconsistent on V30. whites do not look white enough, greys do not look grey enough, So on and so forth. Plz, say something about it. and is there any dedicated reading mode on LGv30? I do a lot of reading on the mobile device. does LGV30 offer comfort and care for the eye while reading?

  8. Nice review man I really enjoyed it

  9. . . . Sounds like Michael had a stuffy nose when he recorded this . . .

  10. man you need to have your own tv show

  11. I'd like to see a phone without selfie camera. More space for display and no need for such camera anyways.

  12. That camera looks like Wall-E

  13. Hey did they fix the Camera Software? I had a G6 and i have send it back, the Camera App was to terrible, everything looked blurry or like it was painted with oil. With Gcam it was OK but not amazing, far from amazing.

  14. I got the G6 & it's fine for what I need, plus the price is reasonable. There's a few differences between the 2 phones but not by much it seems.

  15. one of the more expensive smart phones on the US market, for about a week. thanks Samsung!

  16. I want one but there is no LG V30 in the Philippines 😔 Please give a giveaway. Haha!

  17. This is really tempting me to leave the Apple ecosystem..

  18. Hello, ive got my lgv30 and ive just noticed a light bleeding issue on the edges right between the screen and the matel around the sides..now is that normal or a defect? Does yours have that?

  19. I've come to like the LG skin a lot. I use it with no tray and hide any apps I don't need to see. It's pretty efficient

  20. how does the pictures look compaire to the keyone?

  21. The Pixel 2 XL or this? Someone please help me decide

  22. I need a good phone that can last like two years well a really long time any suggestions?

  23. Tony, u-rok✌📱🍺🚀🚀

  24. I just can't get passed the hideous display on the LG V30. I played with it today. There is no perfect phone sadly. It has potential as a phone but I really don't feel I can overlook the display for better sound and other features. Maybe it's not the display. My first impression of it felt like it was 10 years outdated. The way the bezels look and shape of the phone i just couldn't stand. It doesn't have that modern special polish feel that the note 8 has. Even the pixel bezels look nicer to me.

  25. what is the clock widget ur rocking with the nova setup?

  26. v30 is worlds best phone, it is my dream phone, people overestimated the Apple and Samsung Phones but really speaking, if you want a pure technology, go for LG V30, you will get more something than Apple and Samsung.

  27. I prefer the design of the V10

  28. I love lg but ill be honest their front camera suck!! lol

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