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More Rotten News For Apple: S7 Better than iPhone 8? iOS 11.0.3 bugs

Could things possibly get worse for Apple right now? Yeah, it probably could. Their new spaceship headquarters could be swallowed up in a giant sinkhole or …

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  1. Do you think Apple is DYING? Check out my video about it and comment there! https://youtu.be/w784vqEd80I

  2. I'm using an S7(Exynos) and it's a good phone but its almost a year sometimes the fingerprint doesn't work, youtube crashes or the software won't respond sometimes and THE BATTERY MANAGEMENT is bad i always have to go to settings and optimize the battery but it still sucks, if only samsung would update touch wiz..

  3. I actually cry sometimes because of my iPhone 8 (and I'm a grown man). This is the last penny I gave to Apple.

  4. Don't wont about apple , they are fine they have billions of dollars … we don't

  5. I dont buy apple products because of Hardware …. its all down to software ..period

  6. Apple has a lot of products, a TV, phone, laptops, etc. Then there is Samsung, chips, TV, KITCHEN APPLIANCES, EVEN A WASHING MACHINE?!?

    I love apple….also samsung…..also LG. Because my family have like all those phone brands.

  7. Apple and it's planned obsolescence.

  8. Yes apple is dying and the S7 edge still has more features than the iPhone 8 or the iPhone x.

  9. Yes, it's kinda happening. Loyal customers started to question their products. On the other hand, they are so strong that the end is not near. It's gonna take a loooong time. And let's not forget, if the rumors are true, they might be working on something huge. Best is, wait and see.

  10. To be fair to Apple, well Canada is bigger than the US geographically and we are on top, and if this was prison you’d be our bitch, Entire population of Canada is slightly greater than that of the state of California. So you have to put it into that perspective. And that’s only positive thing I’ll say about Apple at this point. Sierra pisses me off, iOS 11 pisses me off. But the only thing that isn’t pissing me off is my Apple TV. But when I stacked up against a $50 android box, it’s starting to piss me off too!

  11. I think one of the biggest mistakes in the last few weeks was Apple taking away digital signing for IOS 10.3.3. This was done very shortly after release of the more buggy IOS 11.0.2 .
    Now in addition to many people being frustrated over the current IOS 11 offerings and the problems associated with this upgrade, the convenience of downgrading through iTunes has been striped away. This action is nothing short of criminal. As a loyal user of Apple products for thirty years I can say with conviction this company will no longer see a thin red dime of my money.

  12. Nokia or blackberry? For a good few years now they've already hit 'next microsoft'.

  13. Lol they don’t even have dex on iPhone so yes they are dying!!

  14. Just because there was a dip in sales , it doesn’t means that apple is dying …

  15. Lol first time watching ur vids!! Accurate 👊🏽

  16. As a Pro Vanilla Android guy(Pixel user). Google is dying. With what Samsung is doing with phones. It's hard to even compete. You'd have to be heavily invested in Apple's EcoSystem, or just tech illiterate or to broke to by a Note. So you get an iPhone..

  17. As an iPhone owner since the original, my iPhone SE may be my last iPhone.
    I hate the design of the 6–8plus and so I chose to ditch my iPhone 6 and go backwards (kinda) to the SE.
    Looking forward to the upcoming LG G7. That might be the phone to finally make me leave the IOS ecosystem.

  18. Removing the headphone jack and now the home button with fingerprint reader has me vowing not to go past iPhone 6s Plus.

  19. Nokia is back in the mobile business offering android with a pure stock interface and they haven't lost their innovative touch.

  20. I don’t think apples dying, I dislike android phones, and refuse to get one.

    I hope Apple stay going strong, I prefer iOS over android any day.

  21. Lmao more like painfully biased towards android tech, this channel is legit cancer

  22. I am noticing the apps on my home screen like jumping or flickering? Super annoying

  23. I have no need to upgrade from my 7plus. I do hope IOS11.1 helps my blue tooth connectivity and lagging 3D Touch lag.

  24. i mostly saw more people using s7edge now.. they are brand new and still on counting..

    dont like to bash any product but we have an open eyes to see the truth.. most hilarious apple evolution are the headphone issue, you already have a cable but need another small cable so u can able to use it but share to another port.. that small cable called dongle, from that dongle you can plug in another 2 more wires and maybe later you can share on it the fingerprint scanner.. i cant believe its happening at this modern age..

    apple loosing its stand as a smartphone.. not to mention all their lies, everything are just a fancy word marketing strategies..

  25. Dude, you have a serious problem and it's not Apple but obsession to Apple. If I don't like a product (or company) I don't use it, that's it, I will not rant about it on YouTube on a daily basis.

  26. So apple is better than note 8 were did they get there amled screen oh samsung lol id have a note 8 over your shity apple clealy all there doing is buying stuff from other people

  27. Nice videos. You make some great points and some that I share as well. I was an apple user and a loyal follower until they pulled the iPhone 8 and 8 plus and finally the iPhone X. The price and the specs compared to there rivals are a joke. I switched to the galaxy S8 and love my phone and yes you can see the difference in a lot of areas where my experience is more enjoyable with my new phone and it was cheaper than the new iPhone X….

  28. Being this is the second video i have seen from you channel. The fine line between sucess and failure struck me and your comment about "Apple playing with fire" came into prespective. Iphones are the major cash cow for Apple. If Face id is not upto to the expectations, it would be interesting to see how they would manage to recover from it. In the case of other companies they had multiple sources to generate money, where as in this case that 200 billion cash reserve could only help them to an certain extent.

  29. So there was a change in Facebook ID. Interesting

  30. Ios11 is glitchy, accessing video controls when not in full screen takes u aaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllll the way back to the multitasking screen, u can’t access split view unless the app is in the dock without going aaaaaaaalllllllll the way back to the home screen. It’s poorly thought out.

  31. don't become another chris pirillo now!

  32. Apple is far from dyiing people always target the best it’s a known fact Apple makes the best smartphones in the game and will continue so just pick up a Samsung and really pay attention to detail to the os to the built quality

  33. Apple sucks now more than ever… new iOS sucks, I haven't seen a single iPhone 8 or 8 Plus on public (or maybe I have it's just that the design haven't changed for so long that I wasn't able to distinguish that from the previous generations….) they are asking so much money for their products that it almost seems unreasonable for a ''normal'' people to buy that.. I liked iPhones a lot but I'm seriously  considering switching to Android. It sad to see them fu@k up so badly but I guess that their greed just got them right where they deserve to be.. I'm dissatisfied, disapointed and really angry about all their recent activities. Just a royal fu@k up. Well done Apple.

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