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Moto X4 Review

Full review & ratings: https://goo.gl/gpQkwB | The Moto X4 is Google’s first Android One device to be available in the US. At $399 it provides a more affordable …

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  1. Hi. How is the speaker quality and volume as it is a single only speaker ??

  2. Compared to the pure this is disappointing… Lenovo ruined motorola… i still have my pure and will be the last moto i buy

  3. Sir how can I use LTE mode..it shows only 4g

  4. I have a 50% discount code for this phone. Thinking about getting it…

  5. what should I buy as secondary phone Samsung Galaxy S7 or Moto X4 in exchange of iPhone 6s ? I have iPhone 7 plus as primary phone.

  6. damn every phone reviewer has tinder

  7. Long live Selena. 🙏🏾✊🏽

  8. Can you do speed test vs Xperia x please ?


  10. The company Motorola just sounds warm!!!

  11. Watching this on my new moto x4!

  12. 1. Internal space above 32gb or if it's a hybrid Sim, 64gb and above.
    2. A solid glass protection
    3. Good front camera, for video calls.
    4. Call quality, Good Network strength

    these should be mandatory in all the smartphones in the price range of $250 to $400.
    Sadly Mi doesn't care about screen protection. I don't care if it's a 450 and not a snapdragon 625, you can't skip a solid glass. I don't even need a 4k recording camera, or a full HD Screen when you can't ensure the screen safety.

    The number one reason for preferring Motorola is the Build Quality, I have seen even flagship mobiles of samsung and apple, fail to protect the screen in minor accidents.

  13. I wanted to get an iPhone 6 on Thursday but when I went most stores sold out before I got a chance to get one… Tbh I'm glad I went with this because it has a nice blue color…..

  14. I got this today … I got the blue one and it's dope AF….. Never had a moto .

  15. At what fps does it capture slow motion?

  16. Does this phone has jarvis just like moto x play

  17. Is their a heating issue to moto x4

  18. I've always been a Motorola fan and always will, I don't care about the processor, I'm a dedicated Motorola fan. I am loyal to the company just like Apple users are loyal to them, I don't move to a different phone company if they make a better phone, it's just like supporting a football team, I'm not a glory supporter like many of you sad people.

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