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New Spec Means Flash Storage Is About to Get Faster

The Universal Flash Storage version 3.0, approved this week by JEDEC, will eventually lead to faster performance of flash memory chips. UFS 3.0 is optimized for smartphones, tablets, and automotive applications where power consumption needs to be minimized while delivering incredible throughput. JEDEC says UFS 3.0 takes advantage of M-PHY HS-Gear4, which doubles the data rate to 11.6 Gbps per lane when compared to M-PHY HS-Gear3. Tacking on support for the MIPI M-PHY v4.1 and MIPI UniPro v1.8 specifications means UFS 3.0 is able to more reliably form links and monitor for trouble. It carries over support for ultra lower power requirements and supports the latest NAND technology. JEDEC said it expanded the range of temperatures in which the the spec and associated gear can operate to better serve the automative market. Companies that make NAND flash components, such as Samsung, can put UFS 3.0 to work in their future flash storage designs. Operations that might be improved by UFS 3.0 include writing high-definition video to internal storage. It will take time for this technology to reach consumer devices.


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