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Nokia 8 Review

Nokia is back. It has embraced Android and it’s got a Snapdragon 835 flagship phone to compete with the big guns like the iPhones, Galaxies and Pixels…

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  1. Will Nokia comes with Carl Zeiss + Xenon + PureView again?

  2. He keeps making reference to other flagships but was the Nokia 8 intended to be a flagship?

  3. Like all reviewers who get these things for free, they have no concept of value for money.

    "This camera IS NOT ON A PAR with your Galaxies and iPhones".

    No shit. It's a £400 flagship compared to ones close to £1000. Guess what; I'll take the slight drop off for the sake of paying half the price.

  4. what are you talking about??? the camera's are really good

  5. I am using it for 2 month the camera is a stunner, live bokeh mode is absolutely amazing.

  6. what is the name of this red book ?

  7. Things have changed a little bit my friend, you need to review this phone again.
    After last software upgrade in October a lot of improvements has been done.
    Plus USA bands are there too, camera works much better and price is extremely competitive !!!
    Top processor & graphics with 126 GB and 6GB RAM for £550 GBP…, well find me another phone for this price !?

  8. Please make a review of the new Nokia 8 128GB 6Gb RAM Version. It's available in UK for £550GBP & in Europe and finally goes on sale in USA next month…

  9. Bezels?! It is nice, if it is iP. yeah! Typical Phonearena review.

  10. 599 euro is best for this phone . Nokia all ways best making company..
    ip 68 is missing
    Big bezzels
    Avarage camera
    Small display but ovarall best phone for snapdragon 835

  11. I like the wider shot where I see Victor holding the phone, it gives me a nice size and scale reference

  12. Excellent review. I find this phone pretty compelling for the price. Only thing I didn't see mentioned is splash resistance, so this phone can be used in a rain I suppose.

  13. Only thing i like in this phone is just Nokia Branding, Otherwise I prefer One plus 5 on Nokia 8 in all aspects

  14. What game is that you are playing?

  15. Can you give it to me? Please

  16. Give it to me after Review Please

  17. Nokia your already dead. No one will use Nokia. Give up. WP killed you off market.

  18. Wow 5.2" only for a qhd res?, But why does it look like 6"

  19. Install bsg google camera mod and you will forget pixel

  20. Nokia is back but not like the old times

  21. this guy is holding his hands up too much like Ricky Bobby form Taladega Nights.

  22. Always so goofy that here in the US we don't get certain phones for some crazy reason. Not that this is the one for me. Was truly hoping Nokia was gonna put every feature on their new arrivals. Front facing stereo speakers and a nice big screen with high resolution. Oh well they lose ny vote for now anyway.

  23. FM radio is missing.
    The battery is non-removable.
    The phone is not water resistance like counterpart devices.
    Hybrid SIM slots (You can only use SIM 2 or Memory Card)
    No IR Blaster.
    No 1080p video recording at 60 fps.

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