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Pixel 2 XL vs. Galaxy Note 8 vs. OnePlus 5 Speed Test

Download C.A.T.S http://zep.tl/buffcats and enter code CATS_BUFF and get FREE crystals! Big thanks to C.A.T.S for sponsoring this video. Speed test between …

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  1. Make speed test on razer phone and oneplus5

  2. One plus 5 vs razer phone speedtest PLEASE!

  3. @phonebuff we need the speed test of the year op5 to vs razor epic battle of the 8gb ram phones

  4. Not sure if this video should be called 'ram management test' as no one would do this kinda thing in the real world usage 🤔

  5. People bragging about this are pretty lame. A difference of 25 seconds from the fastest to the slowest over that much time and that many apps is really not a noticeable difference in everyday use. They're all damn fast. The only important thing is which one has the key features you want.

    For me, that's low-light camera performance, manual camera controls and the S Pen. I'm not going to mope around now that I found out my phone is 11 seconds slower than the 1+ when I decide to change apps every second for 3 minutes. lol

    The other day I went out and did a 10 second exposure, and was able to photograph stars for the first time. That was great. I hand-write shopping lists every other day at least, and write notes on screen caps for messaging. The Pen and the camera are what makes me happy. Not speed-shifting apps.

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  7. The OP5 has the lowest resolution of the 3, meaning less pixels for the processor to push, has more RAM, so yeah

  8. @Phonebuff
    Please run a speed test again Note 8 vs Oneplus 5 with the animation scaled 0.5 on Note 8 to have fair results.

  9. You think the one plus 5 is still the champion .Make a compraision with sony xz premium you will feel the speed .In android smartphone market xz premium is the fastest don't forget this when in speed test compraision .

  10. Please mate 10 pro vs oneplus 5

  11. Please mate 10 pro note 8

  12. Please mate 10 pro vs iphone x

  13. 1+5 is the best phone I ever had and it's under $500 <3

  14. Note 8 is 799$ and pixel xl is 949$

  15. Pixel 2 is a disgrace in terms of performance.

  16. HTC U11 Life vs Moto X4 vs Xiaomi Mi A1 Budget Phone battle!

  17. Watching on my note 8, this is the way you speed test. Great job phonebuff.

  18. can u test the huwawei mate 10 pro

  19. i want to see moto z2 force enter this competition

  20. Oneplus 5 vs IPhone 8/X!!!

  21. То ,что диагонал и разрешение экрана у всех разные, это не влияет на скорость загрузок?

  22. OnePlus rules. It is obviously missing some features that other phones have, but you really need to take a look at how snappy and fast this phone is, and it is relatively cheap. It's a really good phone

  23. The OnePlus has more RAM, an almost strock Android firmware, a 835 clocked 100MHz higher and only a 1080p display, still can't beat the Note 8 decisively… 🙂

    Stock Android is overrated

  24. Who wants to see One Plus 5 go up against the iPhone X?

  25. one plus 5 vs iphone x please

  26. you should try huawei mate 10 pro with the note 8 and oneplus 5

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