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Qualcomm Says iPhone Violating 16 More Patents

Qualcomm this week filed yet more lawsuits against Apple over alleged patent infringement. Three new lawsuits say Apple’s iPhones violate some 16 additional Qualcomm patents. The company says the Intel modem used in some iPhones is infringing on its intellectual property. In addition to the lawsuits, Qualcomm asked the U.S. International Trade Commission to investigate its latest claims. The ITC has the power to ban companies from importing goods into the country. Apple sued Qualcomm earlier this week, suggesting that Qualcomm was infringing on several the iPhone-maker’s patents. The two companies have traded lawsuits for the past year over patent licensing fees and other patent-related matters. Lawsuits such as these are often used as bargaining chips in financial discussions. Apple did not comment on the most recent legal filings.


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