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Samsung Galaxy S9 – ONE BIG CHANGE!!!

The next big thing in the smartphone game The Samsung Galaxy S9 will have one big change. First specs leak, 3D Facial scanner & More. source: …

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  1. It will be really really really awesome

  2. YAY ! 
    I have one of the last best samsung [ cuz it has headphone jack ]!

  3. Still rockin my iPhone 6…but waiting for my S9! Android here I come!

  4. Forgot the S9 I waiting for the (Galaxy X) =《SM-G888NO》

  5. i love my galaxys8 but it lacks memory(ram) so if there is one thing i really want the s9 to have is 6gb of RAM or at least get rid of the bloatware, still though love the s8 and that's really my only complaint with it

  6. Apple was the first to remove the headphone jack…
    Apple will be the first to remove the speaker and rename Bluetooth as ""airmusic" and call it they're own

  7. I’m an Apple user. I have a 6S with a headphone jack. I’m looking to make the switch to Samsung and holding off for the Samsung S9 but if they ditch the headphone jack, I will not make the switch. Hope they keep the headphone jack bc I’m ready to switch. Samsung DON’T ditch the headphone jack!!!

  8. Hope they remove bixby. God that is awful!…

  9. Still gonna rock my S7 Edge lol

  10. Apple who.?🤔🤔😂😂😂

  11. Galaxy s9 w/a headphone will be lite! I'm ready to say goodbye to my iPhone and make my way to Android!

  12. If they take off the headphonejack the s8 is my last Samsung phone


  14. Better come with dual stereo speakers and retain the micro sd card slot. 128GB base.

  15. just picked up the S8 two days ago and love it… besides the Bixby i dont like

  16. pls samsung pls keep the headphone jack

  17. get rid of the back glass and make the front glass stronger, the S7, S8 are both the most fragile phones ever built. At this price point, people should demand durability.

  18. Doesn't the back resemble the S5?…

  19. I hope we don't loose the headphone jack

  20. Well so I had to Samsung tablet S3 they teamed up with another company to produce decent speakers and I think they're still crap on this thing I hope they can do better in the speaker Department

  21. Ashurst Lee think they should add the headphone jack if it all possible the more options the better. Besides not adding the headphone jack would be like following Apple which is just falling off a cliff

  22. remove the very top of the phone and make it part of the screen. Matter of fact on how the edges are the screen do that on the top and the bottom and make it part of the screen. Then just have the camera possibly inside the screen or something?

  23. No headphone jack? Guess ill be getting an s8 and keeping it forever.

  24. Should i buy Samsung galaxy s8 now or wait for the s9 ?

  25. The best edge Samsung phone but without headphone jac

  26. Samsung already have came out with ear buds like the Air Pods. Matter of fact they was out before Apple even came out with the Air Pods. Granted they wasn't out in the U.S. before Apple's version but they was in fact out in other countries before the Air Pods.

  27. No headphone jack, Samsung plz don't

  28. If they remove the jack… I would`nt buy their phone. I like to use my amplifier and 3.5mm plug is needed for that. And wireless headphones suck. They have low battery life and they can not be used with non bluetooth devices and they have lower sound quality.

  29. If you dont know why do you make this video

  30. I need consider got six weeks

  31. Why they remove headphone jack

  32. They can't remove the headphone jack now because of the commercial they just made.

  33. Is it worth me switching from my s8+ to s9 would it be a big difference in the camera/video or the screen ??

  34. Samsung already have wireless headphones

  35. I'm guessing ppl won't buy a new phone this next year! Looks like a galaxy s8 so the extra money it's not worth it.

  36. I currently have an iPhone and I've been wanting to switch to Samsung for 6 months now but I'm waiting until contract is ends ( which will be in January). Should i get the S8 or wait for the S9?

  37. Xeetech not sure if I would be happy if they remove headphone jack.Other then that we heard these rumors including the Colors so I really will wait until they get a little closer.Thanks so much appreciate it Deb ✌️👍

  38. when is the s9 comming out?

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