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Samsung Gear IconX Headphones – Hands On Review

After striking out with its first true wireless, Samsung triples down on battery life and adds more features for its new model. Our Samsung IconX 2018 review digs …

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  1. nice video i enjoyed watching this…i did not something wrong investing time in this video….thumb up

  2. I have it sound quality is better than earbuds

  3. How's the noise cancelation ? Why reviewers don't say anything about it.

  4. So this generation it doesn’t have heart monitor? And can you use the earbuds while the other earbud charges? And is it compatible with iOS

  5. Correction they come in black or grey no white for the 2018 model

  6. 00:31 Wait, white? Black or white? Where is this option, where do you see this? What are you talking about? All I see is black, gray and pink. Don't tease me please

  7. Really happy Samsung is using USB-C on this refresh! Finally. Now other OEMs need to get on board as well.

  8. No reviewer tells us if they addressed the problem from the first gen where the earbuds never fully turn off in the case and the case and earbuds go completely dead after 3 days if not plugged into a charger.

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