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Samsung Is The Lone Wolf In Pushing The Optical Fingerprint Technology

Samsung has patented a pressure sensitive in-display fingerprint technology and many might believe the Galaxy S9 might feature it but that might not be going …

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  1. Qualcomm introduced a working under screen fingerprint scanner on the Vivo phone.

  2. What about the new vivo

  3. A beast is coming. (Actually i .ade a fake account by the name abhiraj kumar. This guy always comments on tech vids and spams

  4. Under display fingerprint scanner >>> Face ID

  5. I hope that Samsung put the fingerprint sensor in the display in s9 and also that this video gets 200k views and ur channel gets 50k subs

  6. I don't mind Samsung taking time for this. I don't want a half baked product.

  7. I don't know how much longer I can wait for the s9 anymore

  8. Hmmmm should I pass on the Note 8 to get the GS9?🤔🤔 I just know the camera will be even better on the S9 which is why I kind of want to wait but still not sure

  9. Please brother tell me from where do you get this tech news and I also want to open a YouTube account because I'm a very die hard fan of mobile technology 🙏🙏🙏

  10. I'm looking forward for Samsung's ads and marketing their pretty good at it 😃

  11. Upload top tech news daily. instead of uploading old information..XEETECHCARE and pocketnow ,uploaded this information two or three days before ….

  12. This is seriously unbelievable. What does Apple even have? If Samsung had been the one making face id( and I mean the Apple version) it wouldn't be so hyped. Why are people so in love with that stupid brand?

  13. Samsung is best FOR AMOLED PANELS 😊😘❤️🙏🏻

  14. I am seeing a large amount of Samsung fans. Don't hate on me

  15. What’s the outro song ?

  16. Honestly samsung should say: fuck under display fingerprint sensors and then:
    1. Work on under display cameras for full screen display without a notch
    2. Just put the sensor on the back like the pixel and make it have cool gestures like swipe up/down to raise or lower volume and take away the volume keys for a more flushed design

  17. S9 will be the best phone…..!!

  18. As Always Apple Revinvented 2d face regction Into 3D

  19. "probably won't" he never completely said it never would. just saying

  20. Getting famous on YouTube is too difficult, I have posted 4 videos but not going well

  21. I thought this was an older vid

  22. To me on screen finger print scanner is not necessary but cool, I would prefer that Apple and Samsung would work on better batteries but of course that would clash with interests of oil companies because such batteries could be used in cars and etc… When it comes to face recognition, I just don't trust that and I don't like the idea of my phone or any other technology scanning my face… I am a bit paranoid but maybe in a good way 😃

  23. Optical fingerprint sensor is finally happening

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