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THE BEZEL-LESS MVP!!! £84 Smartphone!!

VKWORLD MIX PLUS Purchase Link: https://goo.gl/4s7bPs ** SPECIAL Mecool Android Box SALE Price! https://goo.gl/8HTxd3 This is my unboxing and review …

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  1. Have you done any benchmark tests on OUKITEL ? Just after a bit of advice on tbe OUKITEL K6000 handset and if it's as good or better than the Xiaoomi handset you did

  2. Hey dumb question have you ever used a tick box ? I keep getting e nails about it looks like a android box with a version of Kodi on it they talk like it’s the Best Buy you never see quality of the videos only the menus they look really good but wanted to know if they were any good I use fire box Kodi 17.4 pulse it’s ok

  3. Great video!!! Watch everyone of them. Now question for you….I can't get rid of those annoying videome stream things and open load msg on kodi. How do I get rid of them and actually watch what I want? Thanks

  4. Hi ASBYT can you make a video about GearBest and can you clarify if you have to pay extras like VAT and import duties for there products thanks

  5. your reviews any chance you could recommend the best tablet for under 250 euros thanks

  6. Were did you get that price???? on the link you provided its £101.29 + £8.23 postage.

  7. Hi scott my network supportsthe bands i must call into them just to verify before i buy the phone cheers.

  8. For the price its pretty good…most people have some kind of portable power bank these days which sorts the battery life out.
    I go a bit more premium than this phone but then i do think do i really need the features of a high spec mobile when mostly i just use it to text or use facebook or shop online with…and this phone could easily do those basic things great. 👍

  9. you don't talk much about kodi these days ,there been quite a few addons lately

  10. OMG the cat made a cameo 😅

  11. Awesome. As always! Could you please do a similar video for a basic-ish(you're allowed to make up words 🎭) laptop? I don't game at all but do adore my movies, music, photos & home made videos. Cheers.

  12. Can't wait for a full review of the Nokia 10max

  13. Watching on my VKWORLD MIX PLUS! Great bright screen, and audio jack sound quality, bass awesome. After 4 days of use, my speaker got louder and no top end distortion that was evident first few days. I get 5.5-6 hours screen on time, as much as my last phone that had 4000 MAH battery.

  14. Did you all see this? http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-tees-41692804

    The man sold full loaded kodi boxes?
    I wonder where this (streaming) thing will be in a year? Love all the videos THANKS

  15. Any chance of vernee thor plus review

  16. For the price it's good, but Amazon sell a Moto G with their ads really cheap and way better

  17. There are a lot of rumours about Chinese phones, particularly the cheapest handsets having built in 'spyware'. What are your views on this and can we do anything about this if we are buying phones like this???

  18. .competitive price for what you get, good vid mate cheers

  19. Hi asbyt just a quick question will the mvp phone you reviewed work in the republic of Ireland for phonecalls text messages and wifi ive being reading about different network frequencies and im not sure thank you.

  20. Can you just Please Do the video and stop with obnoxious unfunny jokes? Pls

  21. nice looking phone but your cruel for scaring the kitty cat lol

  22. Just looked on the link only the Black is the lower price £84.05 the purplish Blue is £107.18

  23. Pay a bit extra and get a Maze Alpha

  24. Nice phone for the money, what do you expect for £84 hey?

  25. Good morning ASBYT. Is it possible to get a compatible aftermarket battery with a higher mAh. I've done that with a galaxy I use to have. But for the price the phone is not bad. Thanks again, see you on the next video.

  26. What country is it dispached from?

  27. Seems sound for the money.

  28. Might do my 9 year old for xmas

  29. Not even 1080p I like UHD Displays Personally but Atleast have 1080p HD no usb c Deal breaker for me

  30. Not sure about that one, the cat was very wary and obviously didn't like it ;)(btw brilliant for that price) 🙂

  31. Bargain phone and looks high spec. Good review as per mate and I am pleased the cat approves too!👏😸

  32. fantastic review yet again. and the vkworld mix plus seems awesome for the money

  33. any chance u are giving away any more android boxes?

  34. Even when you're in your pjs, the grind don't stop lol! 💪 great review! 💯

  35. Video beautiful follower Arabic from Syria

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