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The Google Pixel 2 XL has a display problem (The 3:59, Ep. 306)

Starts @ 1:48 before the edit Diving into the new Google phone’s screen woes, Twitter banning RT and Sputnik and Amazon’s earnings preview. Google Pixel 2 …

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  1. That's why I prefer phones with out of screen capacitive buttons,to avoid this "issues"=big problem

  2. so far no problems with my pixel 2 XL, watching it closely after a week , but all rainbows and sunshine

  3. The internet is free domain you are supposed to have a brain that you use to decipher and determine what is true or fake news through your own research. I know that is very hard to do for some snowflakes who operate on emotion but they should really try using logic to determine rational decisions!

  4. What's wrong with your face dickballs?

  5. You are being so nice about the google home mini, having spyware found on your device and calling it a software error to sweep it under the rug in google style should be a big eye opener to people about google and how they feel about our privacy!!!!!!!! Open your eyes world George Orwell book 1984 has come true, google=big brother!

  6. Look at the propaganda in you TV))) So funny to listen to chineese boy, who talking about politics) I think Cnet is about TECH… Stop "double standarts"…

  7. I did notice with a comparison to my old Nexus 6p that the Pixel 2 XL display is muted. Blue tint isn't really bothering me. No issues with "burn-in"

  8. Don't worry. Google plans to solve the serious hardware issues with a software update……. -_-

  9. Screw the 1st Amendment! Any speech I dislike should be removed, except for what I say and do as my speech is protected!

  10. Well I can say it is also pretty frustrating to have a Samsung Edge 7 with the bright vertical pink line display issue that started right after the 1yr warranty and Samsung just telling their customers to take a hike… No more Samsung for us.

  11. “Are you married to that person?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. change youre headline correctly: Google Pixel 2 XL has those problems.. not Google Pixel 2 !!!

  13. This is nothing new to me. My original pixel had it as well as my Samsung s6/s7.

  14. Watching this on my Pixel 2 XL , no issues , love this phone

  15. Pixel fans are the saltiest grouo of people in the world. Your phones suck, it's not the end of the world, stop making excuses and face the music.

  16. Now some people will comment as if they are engineer.

  17. I bet this burn in wouldn't be happening if they went with HTC over LG, they've used LG 3 times now and every single time they have failed to deliver.

  18. It has to be software .. the LG V30 uses the same-exact pOLED screen and no burn-in. LG and now recently Samsung are moving the fixed buttons and top indicator icons 1 pixel around constantly to avoid burn-in. If you search Samsung S8 burn-in you'll find the same exact issues.

  19. *Pixel 2 XL, the regular Pixel 2 has a great Samsung made OLED Panel. It sucks because Google and LG have a close relationship – LG to have made faulted displays really sucks.

  20. Pixel 2 is a flop. Guess I'll have to wait what next year brings .

  21. There is a software program that can remove the image burn in and I expect Google will do a bios update to fix the burn in issue.

  22. Burn-in is there on every oled device you guys are sad find something better to talk about must be a slow news day those past week .. s8 and the note 8 have burn in with in weeks do a YouTube search .. move on note8 had horrible gorilla glass issues iPhone 8s are having battery expansion why not talk about those too ..

  23. The Google executives who okayed the removal of the headphone jack and oversaw shabby quality control of the Pixel 2 XL should be fired immediately

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