Laiture Phone Case with Screen Protector – Pioneer Series Protective Case, Compatible with iPhone 8/7 Case – Shockproof Double-Layer Shell Smartphone Case (Bespoke Blue)


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Why is this product for you?
Our premium phone case with screen protector is a must-have accessory to take care of your smartphone and protect it against dust, scratches, marks, and fine lines. It is very easy to take on and off, having a unique dual design to offer enhanced protection in the case of kicks, drops, and low impacts. 
Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Top-quality phone case with tempered glass;
  • Dual layer design with hard PC back and TPU bumper;
  • Flexible inner layer;
  • Features clear tempered glass foil;
  • Shock-resistant design;
  • Ensures protection against kicks, drops, collisions, and impacts;
  • Prevents marks, scratches, fine lines;
  • Compatible with iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone SE;
  • Preserves the display vibrancy, sharpness, and clarity;
  • Cute and stylish design.

Protecting your smartphone is easy with our premium case with tempered glass!
OPTIMAL SOLUTION: Take good care of your highly performant smartphone with our premium phone case with screen protector! Durable, sturdy, and reliable, this cute phone case is a must-have accessory to protect your smartphone from scratches and marks.
COMPLETE PROTECTION: Our pretty phone case features a durable tempered glass film that protects your display from scratches and fine lines without diminishing its functionality. You get to enjoy the same vibrancy, sharpness, and clarity, without having to worry about minor marks or dust.
MADE TO LAST: Unlike any other protective case, our smartphone shell features a double-layer protection design with an outer PC layer and built-in flexible TPU on the inside. This premium construction helps to prevent damage produced by accidental drops, kicks, collision, and impact.
STYLISH AND CUTE: This premium protection case comes in a cool color that looks great in your purse or bag. It has a minimalist design with a comfortable grip that helps to prevent drops or kicks.