OPPO Find X2 – 5 reasons why this phone is a must have | The most scintillating flagship of 2020

The #OPPO #FindX2 is a flagship smartphone par excellence. The display alone will make you lust after this one. In this video, we have 5 reasons why you …

  1. Optical in display scanners are not secure

  2. @Mr. Phone – If I was to make a choice purely based on the camera quality, which one would you recommend between the Find X2 and Oneplus 8 Pro?

  3. 60W fast charging is just awesome 😍

  4. However ershad, pls note the only 2 cons i have observed in my 3 day usage,
    1. The touch at the bottom is sometimes less sensitive, may need a harder tap than usual.( especially when watching youtube in landscape mode and then trying to get back to portrait ,the minimize button doesn't respong to touch as it is at the lower right end corner) .
    2. The 2nd con, is the homescreen drawer, i wud have loved to see the notification bar and settings slide down with a pull like in one plus, but it only happens wen u pull it from top end, anywhere below that what happens is the recently used app preference page gets displayed. Well thats a colour OS trade off for sacrifising oxygen OS .
    Finally, i am in love with the diaplay & performance,no regrets.
    As u say, GOD SPEED bro 🤗😎

  5. Wotching it on my findy x2 beast ..I call it findy ☺️ its a beast…Relieved wen i saw the video thumbnail,feared it wud be a failure review 😃😃😅

  6. Please suggest Find X2 or One+ 8pro In terms of camera

  7. I just loved the review no other creator implements such beautiful transitions and angles… big thumbs up

  8. Thanks mr phone for this video I really waiting for this unboxing

    बाकी क्या ही बात है best reviews

  9. Seriously is oneplus 8 pro a joke to u?? It's much more valuable than this!!

  10. Thanks @Mr. phone for this Review ❤️
    It's a Amazing Phone With Magnificent Features. Display and Camera Quantity is beyond the word.


  11. I'd get the OnePlus 8 pro for 55k

  12. i want to buy flagship phone. i am currently using oneplus 6. which phone should i buy oneplus 8 or oppo find x2??

  13. 5th comment not bad! Anyways I am having oppo 10x pro & I am tharoughly happy with its performance including the software.

  14. Pls.. Stop promoting… Thanks to think about unsubscribtion..

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