The hugely popular Galaxy S21 5G series made Samsung a boatload of money in Q1

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Just in case it wasn’t already crystal clear that Samsung completely knocked it out of the park with both the early release and very competitive pricing structure of the 5G-enabled Galaxy S21 roster this year, the company’s Q1 earnings guidance leaves no room for doubt.

While it’s obviously far too soon for the tech giant to detail the individual financial performance of each and every one of its thriving businesses for the January – March 2021 period, analysts have reason to believe the mobile division was the main contributor to an astounding overall operating profit result of “approximately” 9.3 trillion Korean won.
That equates to around 8.3 billion US dollars right now, marking a solid improvement over Samsung’s consolidated operating profit recorded both in Q1 2020 (6.45 trillion won) and Q4 2020 (KRW 9.05 trillion). The smartphone business alone is estimated to have jumped from a net gain of KRW 2.65 trillion at the end of the first three months of last year to a whopping 4.15 trillion won in profits.
Interestingly, with Samsung‘s mobile and TV businesses widely expected to report substantially higher profit figures later this month compared to a year ago, the semiconductor division might be left generating the most disappointing least impressive result of them all for a change.

In terms of consolidated sales, Samsung expects a big boost as well, from over 55 and 61 trillion won in Q1 and Q4 2020 respectively to “approximately” KRW 65 trillion.

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